ISA Annual Convention 2022

A Wider Discipline For A Smaller World

Program Chairs:

Ursula Daxecker
Cullen Hendrix

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#ISA2022 - ISA 2022 Annual Convention - March 28th - April 2nd, 2022

A Wider Discipline For A Smaller World

While we are excited to be planning an in-person event for Nashville, ISA recognizes that many of our members continue to face hardships due to the ongoing pandemic and recovery from it.

ISA 2022 will have a virtual component and at a minimum follow US CDC and US federal guidelines regarding health and safety protocols onsite at the Annual Convention. As the situation develops in the next few months and more specific information is available, we will be notifying all participants with further details. Beyond vaccination and testing protocols, face coverings will be required in all public spaces.


ISA is committed to ensuring welcoming and hospitable spaces for every member of our diverse community. We ask that submitters, like our reviewers, take the time to reflect on unconscious biases as you build your proposals - and join us in working to create an inclusive community of scholars. (Check here for more information about unconscious biases and our Committee on the Status of Representation and Diversity).