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Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for November 14

Guys, it happened. I haven’t seen any other horsemen of the apocalypse yet, but it’s still early days. As many of us try to grapple with all the implications this election has domestically...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for November 11

I do not want there to be any misimpressions—since I only do this once a week this is a post about the election of Trump and what it means for foreign policy. Nevertheless, I think it is importa...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for November 7

Well, I seriously contemplated foregoing the world, curling up in a ball under the comforter, and wimpering for the next 48 hours… but alas, my cat needed to be fed. As we limp to the edge of s...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for October 31

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!   It is one of my favorite holidays! And for that reason, I am once again avoiding (almost) everything on the election, save for how Comey is an utter moron, and this might be ...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for October 24

Dear kind readers:   If I have to read one more thing about this election, blood might come out of my eyes as my head spins around in demonic oscilating fashion. ENOUGH. Oh, but of course, it s...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for October 21

Something weird is going on with the internet this morning. Many popular sites including Twitter, Netflix, Spotify, and Reddit were down or not functioning properly. Feedly, the website I use to colle...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for October 17

Well, as the s**t show continues here in the U.S., poopfests abound elsewhere too. Iraq is preparing to retake Mosul from ISIS, which threatens to put a very large population in the crosshairs. The ci...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for October 14

I am not going to pretend that my link selection for today has a unifying theme. Over the next few weeks, as the U.S. presidential election heads toward its conclusion, it will be hard to find quality...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for October 10

Each week, it seems I can still be surprised to find where those seven days have taken us as a nation… so much further past cray-cray than I thought possible a year ago. I’m act...

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