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Link Round-up for February 20

As many of us prepare to shuffle off to Baltimore for the annual ISA Conference, I am girding my loins for what I imagine to be a LOT of ‘current state of affairs’ talk. And why not? Certa...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for February 13

Week 3 and protests continue. This one in Mexico. Politico   An interesting take on the Trump Administration’s consideration of designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organiz...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for February 10

From around the blogosphere:   Current and former US government officials have now confirmed that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn discussed sanctions with Russia prior to Trump’s ...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for February 6

It’s going to be a busy few years. It used to be that I could cover at least two days (48 hours) of blog posts in any given Round-up. Now, I’m lucky if I can get beyond 8 hours without swi...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for February 3

From around the blogosphere: At the time of my last writing, there had not really been enough time for significant scholarly blogging or extended journalistic reporting on initial Trump administrat...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for January 30

Well, suffice it to say that those who thought Trump might surprise us all and tone down the campaign rhetoric have realized the error of their ways. Immigration ban. National Security Council. Yeah. ...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for January 28

From around the blogosphere: We are now over a week into the administration of Donald Trump and it seems an understatement to say it was quite a week. At the stroke of a pen, the U.S. backed out of t...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for January 22

From around the blogosphere: Inauguration Edition: Even as someone who never wrote off Trump’s electoral prospects, it was a bit surreal to watch him sworn in as the 45th President of the ...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for January 16

You’ve undoubtedly heard of ‘battle fatigue’, yes? I am currently suffering from serious U.S. politics fatigue. And the Trump administration hasn’t even officially started yet....

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