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Link Round-up for April 18

From around the blogosphere: As if the crisis in Ukraine was not complicated enough, now we see more actors getting involved: Can NATO help? Probably no, but it can make things even worse by not do...

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Link Round-up for April 14

From around the blogosphere: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but China's hydrophone technology (the "sino-SOSUS") has exceeded some analysts' expectations and could spell trouble for US ...

Link Round-Ups

ISA 2014 Annual Conference Redux

From the blogosphere and beyond: Well, the jet lag has worn off, the reality of end-of-semester craziness has struck, and conference season is almost over. Perfect time to relive the glory days of ...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-up for April 11

From around the blogosphere: Are we ready for a new independent nation? More importantly, is the UK ready? Slugger o'toole Data to the rescue! or not in the case of Venezuela. Did our beloved data ...

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Link Round-up for April 7

From around the blogosphere: 'Yoots' (compulsory nod to My Cousin Vinny) have become an important political demographic in Afghanistan, though not necessarily as a united front for democr...

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Link Round-up for April 4

From around the blogosphere: Grade inflation is only one symptom of a very sick higher education system (though an important one as I sit down to grade 50 papers...). Plus, the article gives an epi...

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Link Round-up for March 31

From around the blogosphere: Reimagining Myanmar 'democratization' as a process of liberalization helps not only deflate our perhaps over-hyped belief in democratic reform, but might also re-orient...

Link Round-Ups

Link Round-Up for March 27

From around the blogosphere: Learning to un-love the bomb is proving to be more difficult than Obama expected: Arms Control Wonk Europe's monetary woes involve lots of acronyms. Case in point...

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