2017 August Hiatus

We're getting close to our annual August hiatus, when we still process and handle revised manuscripts, but don't take any new manuscripts. This year, though, there's an important change that authors need to know about. 

In the past, we simply "turned off" new submissions, so authors simply could not submit new manuscripts. This year, the International Studies Association decided to prohibit turning off new submissions. So there's nothing stopping you from submitting.

However, we need to be clear that we will not touch new manuscripts. They will not be checked for compliance with submission requirements. They will not be assigned to editors. They will simply sit there, twiddling their metaphorical thumbs. In consequence, if you submit a new manuscript on August 1, the review process will take 31 days longer than it normally would. 

Please spread the word. I'm very concerned that some people won't realize what's happening.

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