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Well, I’ll admit it: there is nothing quite like living in Washington, D.C. in the age of Trump. It is the only city I know of where local bars open early (i.e. 9:30am!) to air a Senate Hearing like it is the NCAA finals. And of course, most Washingtonians obliged in one way or another. At least watching Comey’s testimony was a briefly unifying moment! Until, that is, each side spun the contents out to fit their own narratives. Still, let us focus on the positive…



Sometimes I wake up and feel like we’ve all been magically transported into a Tom Stoppard play. Can the ridiculousness get any more absurd? Of course it can, silly rabbit!


For instance, while the Columbia Law School faculty roster was being scoured for Comey’s “good friend,” the underlying issue that Russia is interfering with our domestic politics was shoved by the wayside. Huh. Politico


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Oh, and remember that .gif seen ‘round the world of Trump shoving the Montenegran Prime Minister out of the way at the big NATO conference? It is not only being interpreted as a metaphor for Trump’s feelings towards the Transatlantic Community (which, well… OK. But, I mean, really??!). It is also giving Montenegro some very needed global press time as the little country sits precariously between Europe and Russia. Politico


Although a little easier these days, it is still hard to remember that Europe was not the ‘unified’ (I use the term fairly loosely) political body it is now, nor were the composite states, even just 60 years ago. What can the Middle East learn from the processes by which these domestic and regional tensions abated? Apparently, not much. The dissimilarities are too stark. Sad. Don’t worry! We humans are a historically ignorant lot with great capacity to ignore actual facts on the ground. The Atlantic


In other important news, Theresa May basically lost her bet on the snap elections she called last week. But she remains defiant (some say clueless) and plans to stick around. Reuters



On the other side of the Parliamentary aisle, Jeremy Corbyn has tapped into the British version of a Bernie Sanders support base and is eyeing May’s position with a slight twinkle in his eyes. Salon


Well, some are looking to Macron’s election in France as proof that all that crazy xenophobia promoted by the extreme Rightt across Europe has lost its toe-hold on the electorate (The Atlantic). Wishful thinking, especially since Germany hasn’t even had their elections yet, but I’ll take it, I guess. Politico Europe


Admittedly, South America is not my area of expertise, but Venezuala  is facing yet another week of violence and government crackdowns. Listen to this podcast at Shadowproof


Finally, Qatar. I saw a funny Tweet making the rounds last week that basically said: it is incredible that it is credible that Trump might not even know we have troops there. Funny… in a sad sort of way. Spectator




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