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Ever have that waking dream that the teacher from Peanuts has taken over your news feed? “Wah wah wah wah wah wah wah”… so your eyes glaze over and you stop listening.

These, my friends, are dangerous times to tune out. And yet it often feels as if this is the only way to maintain sanity in a currently very insane world. What’s a girl to do? So far, the only answer I’ve found short of constant cat memes and/or baby animal videos is… well, I actually haven’t really found any other answers. I’m open to suggestions!


In the meantime, I bring you some ‘news haikus’ for your Monday reading pleasure:


Afghanistan needs

A long-term plan of action

That falls on deaf ears.

            War on the Rocks


Nork’s new missile test:

Another attempt to mask


            The Diplomat, The Atlantic


We are not amused

By Kim’s gleeful recklessness

En garde, crazy town!



What if cyber threats

Spread to Trump’s Twitter account?

Crime or rejoicing?



Unless confronted

Shabaab grows in state failure

Like a desert weed

            The Atlantic


Anxieties reign

When prosperity eludes

A strong work ethic



Kurdish bravada

Deserves respect and support

When ISIS beckons.

            The Tower, War is Boring


Mideast rivals stir

Wake from a fitful slumber

War drums beat anew?



Economic growth

Blind to populist dangers.

Far- or near-sighted?

            Project Syndicate


Far too many times

Mental health cries silently

Waiting for coverage.

            Boing boing


Now, back to those cute animal pictures… The Atlantic