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Vive la France! A small step for the EU, a big step for… oh, who are we kidding? The world is still chock full o’ doom and gloom despite the election of this handsome new Napoléan. And, sadly, he is married. I checked :(


  • C’est bon to bask in the outcome of this election, since neoliberals don’t have much else in the way to celebrate, but don’t bask too long, or you’ll burn. The Atlantic
  • Not to scare you, monsieur le Président, but you’re gonna have your hands full, which is the nicer way of saying that you have a sh*t-ton of work to do. Carnegie Europe
  • Le Pen has learned the hard way that hitching her wagon to Donald J. Trump doesn’t translate well in the land of escargots and small portion sizes… Politico
  • Still, Marine, you should be proud of what you’ve accomplished for the FN since taking over from your daddy. Granted, I find your success terrifying, but… Forward

Oh Tillerson, it seems you can’t catch a break. Of course, here’s a thought: maybe if you actually hired a competent staff and stopped telling everyone how much you didn’t want the job, maybe then people would start listening to you sans the eye rolls… McCain and Cohen do whatever the opposite of singing one’s praises is.


The suicide of Will Moore continues to reverberate within the discipline. Here is another reflection on his contribution to the field of peace research and refugee studies: Political Violence @ a Glance


RealClearWorld has an interesting take on diplomacy and China. Namely, it’s not just for D.C. diplomats. With China’s capital investment strategies so widespread, Sino-U.S. relations have become very local indeed.


Staying in Asia, Abe’s attempt to shift Japan’s national identity away from its post-WWII pacifism might seem attractive now to investors, but it could have serious repercussions for the rest of the Japanese economy. Financial Times


Hey, guess what? That global war on terror thing is still a thing. And we are still fighting it in numerous places, though kinda on the DL, or maybe that’s just a product of our limited attention span. Either way, wars kill. The latest American casualty comes from fighting al-Shabaab in Somalia. Monkey Cage and NYDN weigh in.