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Vive la France! Peut-être? Marine Le Pen and Emmanuel Macron are headed for a runoff on 7 May… Also, anyone know if Macron is married??
  • Neoliberals rejoice that the one ‘optimistic’ candidate managed to come out on top. But don’t pop la champagne yet! The lack of any sort of consensus on how to clean up globalization’s mess still augurs an uncertain-extremist-views-future. Laiser le bons temps rouler, n’est-ce pas? The Week
  • Hollande is breathing a big sigh of relief! “They hate me and wish for my imminent demise less than I thought!” The Spectator
  • Does Europe and the ‘Western world order’ hang in the balance. Maybe, sort of? Carnegie Europe
  • Has no one learned anything from Trump and Brexit? Claims that there is no way Le Pen can win now are just asking for a big smack in the you-know-where. fivethirtyeight
  • Populism hasn’t had the best week… but it would be a mistake to read too much into this. Politico
  • Read Le Pen’s speech yesterday about globalism and civilizational doomsday: RealClearWorld

And now for a bunch of depressing things on the current state of the United States… because nothing says Monday quite like remembering that this is reality.

  • For all of Trump’s perported hatred of Fake News, the relationship between the media and the president is kind of like a barnacle and a whale. I’m just not sure which is which. Salon
  • Oh, Kathleen Parker! Your bon mots make me smile: to presume that Trump has a strategy is “to imagine that a toddler has given grave consideration to the gravitational aspects of toppling his brother’s Lego edifice.” Washington Post
  • Trump’s claim that the ISIS attack on le Champs-Élysées would crown Le Pen savior of France seems to have missed the mark. So far. The Atlantic
  • Speaking of threats, relying on China to police North Korea doesn’t seem very well thought out… Oh yeah, right. The Diplomat
  • The Science March… some really funny signs. Bigger question: who’s protesting and why? Monkey Cage

I don’t think I agree with this article that says colleges have the right to disinvite speakers who espouse hatred. Isn’t college supposed to be a place to learn about alternative perspectives and how to discuss them in a civil manner? Then again, I think “trigger warnings” are for sissys. New Republic


The Iran Deal was about more than just nukes. Prisoner exchange. Politico


Huh. This Op-Ed argues that Syria is really the cause of everything that’s bad in the world right now. Great. New York Times