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The Easter addition!


Another interesting week, but at this point, I don’t think we should be surprised. Let’s start with the MOAB in Afghanistan. Here is an excellent analysis about who the real target is. NY Daily News


Everyone talks about Bannon as the shadow evil-doer (or savior) of the White House… but, as Yoda said, “there is another” for whom the force is strong. Politico


Ah, Turkey. Well, that was a good experiment – the Republic lasted for a pretty long time, I guess. And, after all, nothing lasts forever. CFR


What’s next for Turkey? No one quite knows. Politico


Leviathan has a new name. POMED


The Tax Marches (I don’t know, does one capitalize that?) were described by Trump in a tweet as “small” rallies being orchestrated by a nefarious entity of some sort. Salon says that actually, they were Millennials, and they aren’t the delicate little snowflakes Trump or Kellyanne Conway suggest. Winter might be over, but snowmaggedon looms.


According to this op-ed, the future of Europe hangs in the balance with regard to the French elections. Because we don’t already have enough fodder for nightmares…


But wait! Bernard Henri-Lévy says that the nightmare has its own twilight zone – an equally radical candidate on the Left. Good grief. The Daily Beast


Finally. This. You’re welcome.