Link Round-up for March 20

From around the blogosphere:

I’m not sure I’ve ever felt this disheartened about the state of world politics in my life. I’m repeating myself, but:

Clowns to the Left of me,
Jokers to the Right.
Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

I am baffled that so many people don’t seem to understand what losing affordable health care access means if they get sick, or have kids, or have to take care of their elderly parents. This NYT op-ed sheds some (probably ‘on-deaf-ears’) light.

I had no idea that there are so many trans people, which is an incredibly ignorant thing to have to admit. The CIA does something right. The Atlantic

Of all the terrible things going on in the U.S. government right now, Neil Gorsuch, frankly, is the least troubling. Yes, he’s conservative. But unlike the Executive Branch at the moment, he has actually sworn to uphold the Constitution. Politico

Hey, guess what people? Everybody sucks in the state of accrimony we currently live in. Case in point: the “liberal” news media berates Trump’s base for being duped by all his campaign promises, once again calling them stupid, that they deserve what they get. Not helpful, guys. Salon

Also, here’s a thought: if you know it’s a lie, and you’ve already reported it to be a lie, STOP – for the love of all things journalism – repeating it as newsworthy. Don’t feed the wild animals, it just makes them want more. Salon

I wonder if Erdogan is actually missing the point in all these European protests of pro-Erdogan rallys? Could it be… and I’m only speculating here… that Germans and the Dutch actually disapprove of his pseudo tyranny? OR, maybe he just wants to hit Merkel when her guard is weakened after enduring Trump this week.  Politico

I’m a little surprised to read this from The Washington Times, but they too agree that Turkey is not headed in the right directon and should be held accountable and denied membership to Europe.

The New Internationalist profiles a Syrian-Palestinian man who has been working for decades to improve the lives of the Palestinians in Syria’s Yarmouk Refugee Camp, now in the crosshairs of both Assad and ISIS. 

The Dutch just narrowly escaped a Wilders presidency, but Europe isn’t out of the populist woods yet. Open democracy

Accrimony between Israel and the UN – a damning report that gives credence to Carter’s ‘Appartheid Wall’ is loudly condemned by both the U.S. and Israel. The National Review calls the report a farce, while Opinio Juris offers access to it and sings its merits.

Ah, North Korea! At least you can always say you win in the battiest insane person contest for head of state. Though it’s a toss up who looks more the part in photos. American Interest reports on Tillerson’s lack of nuclear patience with ‘Nork’, which is my new favorite typo/nickname; The Atlantic has an interview with Robert Jervis about the East Asian security dilemma; and another Atlantic piece gives a brief history of Nork misadventures. 

French philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy describes the current state of French elections as a more vicious and less attractive Hunger Games. With no intellectual rectitude anywhere to be found, it seems Marine Le Pen is primed for a win. Project Syndicate

Finally, because Lord knows we need it… “PUDDLES!”