Link Round-up for March 13

From around the blogosphere:

I have been uninspired by the news of late, though perhaps ‘uninspired’ is really a mask for burnt out. Obama is the devil blah blah blah… Trump is a buffoon blah blah blah… Russia this, Russia that… health care this, health care that…  AND IT’S ONLY WEEK 7!


Fortunately or unfortunately, there remains no dearth of material to cover across the blogosphere, so despite my overwhelming desire to hide at home and watch Buffy reruns, I shall ‘suck it’ and carry on. Here we go:

Has somebody warned Merkel to “Beware the Ides of March??” Her meeting with Trump is scheduled for tomorrow (Tuesday), which is a day before the actual Ides, but I still wonder if there is a blind seer running around somewhere freaking out. Carnegie Europe

One of the most dire mistakes made in the last two decades – in my humble opinion – was the invasion of Iraq. With ‘America First’, a very fragile Iraq is now worrying about its very fragile survival. Politico Magazine

Americans got ‘freedom fries’ for a while back in 2003 when France refused to join that very [doomed] coalition. At the time, much was said (en français, bien sûr) about legality, legitimacy, and temperance. Fastforward to 2017, and the state of emergency invoked after the Charlie Hebdo massacre and again after the Bataclan remains in place. Hmmmm. Open Democracy

While all things U.S. politics cray-cray continue to dominate our news cycles, the Koreas seem to be having a cray-cray moment of their own: impeachment on one side, assassination on the other. This does not bode well… Monkey Cage

When I was little, my parents would goad me into finishing my dinner with “think of the starving children of Africa.” For my mother, it had been the Armenians. Scholarship on famines has debunked the ‘lack of food’ myth in favor of the thesis that some just have no access to food, despite its availability. So what are we – the well-fed – going to do about it now that famines are on the rise again? The Conversation

When Robert Jervis writes a piece for Foreign Policy, it is wise to take note. Poor Rex-y! Many – including me – have long thought of the Secretary of State as the most important Cabinet position available. Trump seems not to have gotten that memo. 

Still, it’s not as if he’s doing nothing. Continuing past policy to sell a bunch of advanced weapons systems to Saudi Arabia so they can go and kill Yemenis was terrible under Obama and is still terrible now. Salon