The Site in General, and the Data Archive in Particular

Astute readers may have noticed that parts of this site are broken. Clicking on links that used to go to full versions of articles no longer works. The data archive is out of date. 

What's going on? ISA and Oxford University Press (OUP) have decided to move a lot of functionality onto a common portal hosted at OUP. In the interim, ISA has kindly agreed to keep ISQ Online around, but it is no longer fully supported. Hence, when OUP moved to a new journal platform, the system built to allow for one-click access ceased to function.

Moreover, ISQ has reclaimed its old Dataverse site. We are now starting the migration of supplementary information of manuscripts. But this has taken some time to get underway. It has also produced gaps in coverage at both Dataverse and our current site. Our plan is to work backwards from the most recently published articles—to get them up on Dataverse—and then start migrating older content there. Until this process is complete, you will continue to find our currently archived supplementary files—replication data, appendixes, and so forth—here. But you should look for new material on Dataverse and email us if you can't find what you're seeking at either site. 

In the long run, all of this opens up terrific possibilities, including much more seamless integration among articles, supplementary files, symposia, and other features. In the short term, it will prove a bit rocky. Thanks for your patience.

Note that we will continue to publish new symposium and other features at this site until we tell you otherwise.  

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