Link Round-up for March 3

From around the blogosphere:

First…the news

It was another fast-paced news-week, but at this point it seems a bit misguided to expect much different, at least for the near future.

The week started off on a good note for Trump, as even critics acknowledged his more presidential tone in the February 28th address to a joint session of Congress. Van Jones went so far as to say that Trump “became President of the United States in that moment, period” CNN.

Yet, this brief uptick was not to be long-lived. The next day, The Washington Post broke the story that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had had multiple contacts with the Russian Ambassador during the last year—meetings he failed to disclose in his Senate confirmation hearings. Sessions has since recused himself from any investigations into Russian involvement in the election.

(Zach Gibson/Getty Images)

Later, the White House disclosed a further meeting between Jared Kushner, Mike Flynn, and the Russian Ambassador in December. The New York Times. To close out the week. The Indianapolis Star reported that Mike Pence regularly used an AOL email account to conduct official business as Governor of Indiana. Mostly I’m just surprised there are people who still use AOL.

Turning to the blog world…

Deborah Avant wrote this week on a topic of great personal interest to me: in light of the rise of the transnational global right, why no global left? Hopefully others will find it compelling as well. Political Violence @ a Glance.

Labor rights in Africa have dropped at the same time African exports to China are increasing. Are these trends connected? Christopher Adolph, Vanessa Quince and Aseem Prakash explore “the Shanghai effect” in a recent contribution to The Monkey Cage.


What today’s protestors stand to learn from Gandhi. The Monkey Cage.

A “personal manifesto” from Patrick Thaddeus Jackson regarding accuracy, consequences, and truth in the Trump-era. Relations International.




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