Link Round-up for February 13

From around the blogosphere:

(Because we could all use a bit more cute these days)

Week 3 and protests continue. This one in Mexico. Politico


An interesting take on the Trump Administration’s consideration of designating the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization. Bottom line: countering Trumpian ideology with real facts is like trying to mix oil and water. The Atlantic


Really? Pakistan has been aiding and abetting terrorists? FOREVER? You don’t say…  Brookings


Making Russia into the big, bad heavy ignores how closely the two countries have worked in the past. You know, minus that whole Communist thing. National Post


Duterte might be known for his tactics in the Philippines’ war on drugs, but he is also entangled in another war between his own military and the Maoists. Clowns to the left of me; Jokers to the right; Here I am, stuck in the middle with you… War is Boring


Israel continues its policy of being a douchy jackass. The New York Times


Election reform is easier said than done. Just ask Justin Trudeau. At least he still has his good looks. Monkey Cage


OK, now to some American naval-gazing.


First, this would be hilarious if it weren’t so depressing. Then again, we DO live in a post-fact world, so I suppose the Education Department could claim that these are ‘alternative’ spellings… Politico


Verification. Do it. Now, sadly, for everything. Salon


Our love affair with ‘reality’ has produced this current state of affairs that many are loath to call real. I call this the Kardashian Effect. Oh yeah, and it’s highly communicable. Open Democracy


Academics, like so many in the Trump era, are confronted with a sea change that confounds traditional uses of their tried and true scholarly expertise. The question now: how to be influential in an age of celebrity, post-truth, and false idols? Duck of Minerva


Well, one thing is certain: Saturday Night Live has elevated itself into a major political player. And it makes us laugh at the same time. Bless. The Atlantic


P.S. the podium Segway is brilliant.


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