Link Round-up for February 10

From around the blogosphere:


Current and former US government officials have now confirmed that National Security Advisor Michael Flynn discussed sanctions with Russia prior to Trump’s inauguration. The Washington Post.

After the infamous Taiwan call and some escalatory posturing over the South China Sea, in a conversation with China’s Xi this week, President Donald Trump affirmed his support for the One China Policy. The Diplomat.

Along with General cum Secretary of Defense Mattis, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley was one of President Trump’s least controversial appointees. During her time as a politician and through her confirmation hearings, Haley showed disagreement with Trump’s agenda. How will this bode for her as a member of the national security team and in her UN role? Political Violence at a Glance.

Trump critics have often been baffled by the strange bedfellows his policies have produced. Most Democrats never anticipated finding common ground with Dick Cheney. Le Monde Diplomatique goes “through the looking glass” to explore this phenomenon.

The next big election on the horizon is in France, where Marine le Pen seeks to be the next populist leader to come to power. Sheri Berman predicts that neither of the traditional parties (socialists and conservatives) will reach the final round of voting. The Monkey Cage.


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