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Easter should be a time of joy for those who celebrate it. Here in the U.S., we dye eggs and hide them (hoping we remember how many we hid so a few months from now there is not some wretched odor emanating from that really good hiding spot under the drain pipe… but I digress). We dress up for church in bright colors and wear fun hats. We eat chocolate bunnies and get sick on jelly beans…

But instead, a week after Brussels, and a few days after the bombing at an Iraqi soccer game, our headlines are once again filled with anguished faces and devastation. A splintered Pakistani Taliban group has claimed responsibility for bombing a park in Lahore, allegedly targeting Christian families out to enjoy the day. The Atlantic

Slate gets more information from a Dawn columnist who talks about sectarianism in Pakistan (Shocker: still a big issue).

With all the recent carnage, what is perhaps most noteworthy is the growing public certainty in the “West” that this is now part and parcel to living in the 21st century. Still, I have to commend Patrick Smith for daring to write a piece in Salon that also castigates the “West” for this global violence. Certainly not a popular view, but an important one, nonetheless.

What do you do when you are faced with a choice akin to Trump or Cruz? Yeah, I don’t know either. But it seems very similar to this news item about Syrian government forces recapturing Palmyra from ISIS. Yay… sort of?? The Atlantic

This is the 100th anniversary of the (failed) Irish Easter Rising of 1916 that eventually led to Irish independence. But it is a complicated history that doesn’t really lend itself to the typical ‘Ra! Ra!’ antics of other Independence Day commemorations. Monkey Cage

Slugger O-Toole takes a closer look at this complexity and the role religion plays in it.

So, it has not escaped my notice that given that I am a ‘security person’, my LRUs are heavily tilted towards that type of blogosphering. Here, I go against my nature and share naked capitalism’s interesting look at economic booms and busts. True, I still don’t understand much of it… but maybe you will!

Supernova was a great song by Liz Phair back in the 1990s. This is a great video of a real star exploding. Cool... uh, well, really, really hot, actually. Slate

Finally, #isa2016 was chock full of interesting panels and presentations. This particular presentation deserves a wider audience. Susanna Hast and “Bright Place”:

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