Link Round-up for March 18

From around the blogosphere:

Not being in attendance at ISA, I felt a sense of futility writing for an audience composed of those congregated in Atlanta. Also, I was severely disheartened by the dearth of holiday semi-kitschy think-pieces on Ireland yesterday. Nevertheless, I will labor on for the sack of continuity and duty.

Election Updates

Sen. Lindsey Graham attempts to cope with the state of the GOP in 2016 have provided entertainment for both Republican seeking to “laugh to keep from crying,” as well as liberals taking pleasure in the party’s travails. MSNBC’s Morning Joe did us all the favor of collecting Graham’s “five stages of grief.”


In Le Monde Diplomatique, Peter Van Buren poses the five foreign policy questions that you will not hear asked in the presidential debates.

Corrine McConnaughy asks the question “Do Gendered Comments Help or Hurt Hillary Clinton? The prospect of a Trump nomination is sure to make this question even more relevant. The Monkey Cage.

In The Week, Jeff Spross argues that Donald Trump will force a Clinton-led Democratic Party to adopt one of three strategies in the general election:

  1. More efforts to appeal to disenchanted Trump and Sanders working class voters

  2. Try to recapture more cosmopolitan Republican voters (think War on the Rocks open letter folks)

  3. Double down on the Obama coalition of 2012

Interviews with Distinguished Scholars

While not published within the last week, I want to share two recent interviews from E-IR which I found fascinating. Read together, they provide a great contrast on outlooks for the field.

Robert O. Keohane E-IR Interview

Interview – Robert O. Keohane

J. Ann Tickner E-IR Interview

Interview – J. Ann Tickner

Miscellany of Interest

What it took for John Kerry to label ISIS “genocidal.” The Atlantic

Thoughtful consideration of Alexander Wendt’s quantum social theory by Daniel Little. Understanding Society.

Encouraging words to graduate students from Daniel Drezner. PostEverything


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