Link Round-up for March 15

From around the blogosphere:

Greetings from Atlanta! ISA 2016 is upon us, which means turning our academic blinders on to the real world so that we can reach optimal discipline naval-gazing… HURRAY!

But before we totally disappear down that rabbit hole, here’s one more spin around the blog news cycle:

First up, no Super Tuesday could fall on a more appropriately inauspicious day than today’s Ides of March. We should all be afraid, very afraid, of tonight’s results. Here are a few reasons why:

Orange seems to really be the new black:

Trump looks set to have a big night, and I don’t just mean his Mar-a-Lago mini-Versailles press conference… well, I mostly do mean that. Gold everywhere. Be even more awesome if he had one of those t-shirt gun-things that they use at sporting events that shot out Trump steaks. Talk about luxurious… Politico

Rage Against the Machine! Great band. Apparently, Bernie’s ability to incite said rage among the [young] masses is good for U.S. democracy. OK… but will those masses do more than sing along to the lyrics? The Atlantic

Trump says he has revitalized the GOP. The primaries seem to bear this out. But will these prodigal Republicans show up for the general election? Magic 8-ball remains unconvinced. Monkey Cage

Putin says he is pulling out of Syria. Although he hasn’t ostentatiously landed on any aircraft carrier declaring “mission complete,” his announcement does reek of a certain self-congratulation. Still, is there more here than meets the eye? Carnegie Endowment for International Peace