Link Round-up for March 11

From around the blogosphere:

Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau Visits the U.S.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (left) and President Barack Obama hold a press conference at the White House Rose Garden in Washington on March 10. Photo by Jonathan Ernst/Reuters

On Thursday, President Obama welcomed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the White House. The two leaders held a joint press conference and met in the Oval Office. That night, President and Mrs. Obama welcomed Trudeau and his wife, Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau, in the first State Dinner with a Canadian leader in 19 years.

Discussions between Obama and Trudeau reportedly focused on climate change, ISIS, and the TPP.

Throughout the visit, many in the media and social media became enamored with the budding romance between Obama and Trudeau. ABC News.

This morning, Trudeau spoke at American University’s School of International Service. He was both casual and engaging, making passing references to Star Trek and Game of Thrones. Trudeau also spoke eloquently about the importance of diversity and feminism as well as combating climate change. A good summary of the Q&A can be found at The Toronto Star.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks to students at American University on Friday morning.

An Obama Doctrine?

How Obama Sees Asia

(Image credit: The White House, Pete Souza)

President Obama sat down with Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic to discuss his vision and legacy on foreign policy. It is an essential read. Other outlets were quick to publish commentary and reactions to the piece.

From Dan Drezner: “Five thoughts on the Obama Doctrine.” The Washington Post.

A discussion between Steve Inskeep and Jeffrey Goldberg on the piece. NPR.

What the Doctrine means for Asia. The Diplomat.

Obama as a “Spock” trying to govern a nation of “Kirks.” The Atlantic.

Other news from the blogosphere…

On the rise of authoritarian populism across the West. The Monkey Cage.

To the same point, Foreign Policy examines the victory of 14 of 150 Slovakian parliament seats by a neo-Fascist party.

Something very central to my interests: “Germany is a great power—it should act like one.” The National Interest.

On Brexit and the risk of ending the “special relationship.” Foreign Policy.

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