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As one of the Web Editors of International Studies Quarterly, I'd like to welcome you to this new chapter in ISQ's rich history. As you can see, we have redesigned the ISQ website to facilitate online discussion and debate that takes published ISQ articles as a point of departure. What you see here is a "beta" version of the redesign; so don't be surprised to see some changes in the "look and feel" of the site. But already, here on the new website, you will find multiple opportunities for participation in ongoing conversations.

From now on, each article published in International Studies Quarterly (even those in the online-first Early View system) will have an associated post here on the website. That post, featuring some text from the beginning of the article as well as a direct link that will take you straight to the article itself, is a place where comments on the article can be posted by anyone logged into the ISA website -- and a place where the author of the article can, if she or he so chooses, reply to comments. Those posts can be accessed from the "In Print" menu above, and you can navigate from there to the "Early View", "Current Issue", or "All Issues" pages.

We will also host "Symposia" on certain published ISQ articles. A symposium generally consists of a few solicited posts replying to a published ISQ article, along with a reply by the author(s) of the original article. All parts of a symposium are, of course, places where comments may be posted, so that the discussion can continue. Symposia may be accessed from the "Online Features" menu item (located on the menu bar above).

Our inaugural symposia are being posted over the next few days. The first is on autocratic cooperation in the international system, and the second is a 25-years-later retrospective on the "Third Debate." We are always on the lookout for new symposia, so if you have an idea for one, please e-mail us.

Several times a week, we will also have "link roundup" posts, prepared by the website editorial staff. These posts, also accessible from the "Online Features" menu above, contain -- as the name implies -- a selection of links to content elsewhere on the web that are relevant to debates and discussions in international studies. We aim to publish link roundup posts at least twice a week, so check back often to see what's new.

Finally, as events dictate, we will produce "Current Events" posts, which consist of links to ISQ articles relevant to a particular current event. Those may also be found in the "Online Features" menu.

We have a few other features in development, and will be bringing those out in the coming weeks and months. For the time being, welcome to the new website, and I look forward to seeing where the conversations carry us.

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