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In any given week, we field a handful of queries from scholars interested in submitting manuscripts. They include a variety of questions about process and substance. Some of them are directly addressed in our online "guidelines and policies." But only some. Others are specific to particular submissions. But a handful are of general interest to readers and authors--such as those concerning the scope of the journal, the review process, and so on. Many of the answers that we give should, in my view, be matters of public record. 

The discipline handles these kinds of questions via a variety of mechanisms, including "Meet the Editors" roundtables at conference. It seems to me that, at least for ISQ, this blog provides another way of sharing information helpful to our community.

This is a rather long-winded way of saying that I'd like to institute a an "Ask the Editors" series at the Editors Blog. If you have general questions that make sense to address at the Editor's Blog, email them to me. If it makes sense, I'll post answers to them here.

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