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AUGUST 2nd, 2022. (See the presentation slides here.) Are you considering going up for promotion? Are you a graduate student preparing for the job market? Are you a faculty member who needs all their teaching documentation in one place? The University of Connecticut's Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) has created a workshop for those interested in creating a teaching portfolio. This workshop is an introduction to the uses, formats, and evidence of teaching activities used to document teaching effectiveness. Participants will also be introduced to tailoring their documentation for different types of institutional and global settings. This interactive session will consist of a 45-minute informational presentation, followed by a 45 minute question and answer session. PRESENTERS: Aynsley Diamond and Martina Rosenberg (UConn Center for Teaching and Learning (CETL)).

JUNE 20th, 2022. (Watch the recording on ISA's YouTube channel.) La Región de América Latina y el Caribe de ISA (ISA-LAC) les invita al panel virtual, Estudiando la Política Exterior en América Latina. El panel busca discutir el estado del arte del análisis de la política exterior en América Latina, con foco en Argentina, Brasil, Colombia y México. Con base en investigaciones recientes de los expositores, el panel debatirá las tendencias actuales y las vías para futuras investigaciones en el análisis de la política exterior en la región. Las presentaciones serán en español y portugués, las preguntas y respuestas podrán ser realizadas en español, portugués e inglés.

This panel, organized by ISA's Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) Region, seeks to discuss the state of the art on foreign policy analysis in Latin America, with a focus on Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico. Based on recent research by the panelists, the panel will debate current trends and avenues for future research in foreign policy analysis in the region. Panelist presentations will be in Spanish and Portuguese, followed by a Q&A in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. PANELISTS: Feliciano de Sá Guimarães, Felipe Ester, Federico Merke, María Gisela Pereyra Doval, Jorge Schiavon, Marina Catalina Monroy Hernandez, and Cintia Quiliconi (Panel Chair).

JUNE 16th, 2022. (Watch the recording on ISA's YouTube channel.) This was a webinar on the Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program’s 400+ awards for research and teaching in over 130 countries. It covered the application process and examined awards specifically of interest to international studies scholars such as the NATO Security Studies Award (Belgium), the Fulbright-Diplomatic Academy Visiting Professor of International Studies (Austria), the Seeking Solutions for Global Challenges Award (Finland), the Fulbright Professional Scholarship in Australian-American Alliance Studies (Australia), the Peace Studies – Teaching (Korea), and many more!

JUNE 7th, 2022. (Watch the recording on the FIU Green School YouTube channel.) On May 2nd, Politico published a draft of a Supreme Court majority opinion that would overturn the landmark Roe v. Wade decision, which protected the constitutional right to abortion. The document's authenticity was later confirmed by the Court, corroborating a stunning breach in the confidentiality of its opinions. Join the conversation as our panel of experts sheds light on the manifold consequences of a decision that, if made final, would transform the meaning and content of women's reproductive rights in the United States. PANELISTS: Rebeca C. Martinez, Alexandra Cornelius, Amarillys Garcia Perez, and Jessy Abouarab (Panel Moderator).

MAY 17th, 2022. (Watch the recording on ISA's YouTube channel.) Between 2010 and 2020, population growth in the United States reached one of its lowest points in history. Higher education has already begun feeling these effects through undergraduate enrollment. These developments pose questions about the consequences for academic disciplines, so ISA has invited several panelists to a roundtable for discussing the implications of demographic change for International Studies. PANELISTS: Nizar Messari, Jessica Lillian De Alba-Ulloa, Jeremy Youde, and Gigi Gokcek (Roundtable Chair).

MAY 3rd, 2022. (Watch the recording on ISA's YouTube channel.) You recently authored a scholarly book or article. Before your work is published, the publisher gives you a contract to sign. How do you understand the legalese and negotiate your contract to safeguard your rights as an author? How can you retain your copyright, preserve your ability to reuse your own work, and avoid putting yourself at legal risk? This webinar will show you how to negotiate author-friendly publication agreements and obtain the best possible deal from your publishers. Scholars, practitioners, and authors at all levels of experience will benefit from this training. INSTRUCTOR: Michael Rodriguez, MLIS (University of Connecticut).

APRIL 25th, 2022. (Watch the recording on ISA's YouTube channel.) This workshop covered the basics and best practices for managing your research data. We will briefly discuss federal funder requirements for data management and data sharing. Viewers also learn some best practices for workflows, data storage, data access, and preservation, and learn about some data management tools. Data Management ensures that your data is organized, accessible, clearly understood, and preserved for future access, and helps you comply with funder requirements. Organizing and planning your data during the research process helps your research team work more efficiently. INSTRUCTORS: Jennifer Chaput and Renée Walsh (University of Connecticut).

APRIL 21st, 2022. (Watch the recording on ISA's YouTube channel.) Google is a powerful search engine that can help you find high-quality resources for papers and projects, whether that be scholarly articles, government reports, statistics, images, etc. However, in this age of misinformation, it is critical to learn how to narrow searches down to find exactly what you’re looking for. This workshop covered using Google Scholar, using Advanced Search and search operators on Google, searching for images, gifs, pdfs, datasets, etc., limiting results to government, educational, or nonprofit websites, and other tips and tricks for harnessing the power of Google. INSTRUCTOR: Roslyn Grandy, MLIS, MS (University of Connecticut).

MARCH 9th, 2022. (Watch the recording on ISA's YouTube channel.) The forthcoming documentary The Vertical Border (Mexico, 2022) looks at what happens when forced migrants demand dignity and rights. In this panel, filmmakers, immigration activists and legal service providers joined to discuss the film and consider the impact of U.S. and Mexican deterrence strategies and examine the purposes of borders. PANELISTS: Sonja Wolf, Maxime Pluvinet, Todd Miller, Juan Manuel de la Rosa, and Rebecca Galemba (Moderator).

MARCH 4th, 2022. (Watch the recording on ISA's YouTube channel.) To better understand the intricate and personal conflict involved in the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine, ISA invited the following panelists on March 4th, 2022 to reflect on the historical and contemporary discourses essential to understanding the emerging regional dynamics from various perspectives. PANELISTS: James Pearce, Tetyana Dzyadevych, Andrei Korobkov, Anastassiya Mahon, Vendulka Kubalkova, and Sarah Dorr (Chair).

FEBRUARY 24th, 2022. Drawing on the burgeoning literature on the topic, as well as on the direct experience of the instructor, Dr. Adele de Sordi, in authoritarian contexts, this talk offers a synthetic reflection on several aspects of field research. These include ethical dilemmas, methodological challenges, as well as reflections on the practical aspects of planning, particularly during a pandemic. INSTRUCTOR: Adele de Sordi ( Recording forthcoming.

FEBRUARY 3rd, 2022. ISA's new Virtual Engagement Specialist, Mary Hartford, and Director of Professional Development, Dr. Sarah Dorr, invited all sections and caucuses to discuss upcoming and future programming. We shared our new initiatives and learned about what events and trainings would benefit our members. This session was not recorded.


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