Research Cooperative

The words 'Research Coooperative' in black on a white background, in between an image of an academic poster and and image of several laptops and other devices, arranged around a table


The ISA Research Cooperative complements existing programs to cultivate the work of more junior colleagues (i.e., JSS, Pay It Forward, and the Global South Emerging Scholars Workshop, among other Special Annual Convention Programs). The purpose of this program is fourfold:

(1) To enhance inclusion for those not able to attend the in-person ISA Annual Convention (or other in-person regional ISA conferences);

(2) To increase access to feedback in general;

(3) To provide a relaxed and supportive environment in which participants can hone their presentation and research skills; and

(4) To facilitate a structured opportunity for senior scholars to engage with and learn from junior scholars and vice versa.


The Research Cooperative will take the form of a one-on-one virtual meeting between a presenter and a discussant. The presenter will briefly present their work utilizing a single slide that serves as a poster (7- 10 minutes for that presentation). At a minimum, the discussant will provide feedback on the presentation, but may also answer any questions the presenter might have about professional development more broadly, such as academic career planning or publishing. The virtual discussion, which would take place at both parties’ convenience during the October 2022 time frame, will last a maximum of 60 minutes.


Following a successful pilot program with 25 student participants, ISA will reevaluate the number of participation slots available, depending on discussant capacity. ISA anticipates running this program three to four times annually. Future iterations may have more capacity to provide access for mid-career and established scholars to present, but at first, priority will be given to emerging/early-career scholars.

In their application, presenters must explain why they would benefit from participating in the Research Cooperative. Preference in selection will be given to those unable to attend ISA’s annual convention or one of the North American regional meetings.

We are looking for discussants for this new program. If you are willing, please email Discussants will be recognized in ISA’s newsletter for their service.

Application Status

Applications for the Fall 2022 session of the ISA Research Cooperative will open soon.