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Research Workshop Grants Proposal Guidelines

The deadline for proposals is June 30th, 2021.

For the 2021 round only, all workshops must be organized in virtual format. Research Workshop Grants of up to $2,500 are targeted for projects that aim to apply new expertise or new approaches to established research topics and are likely to catalyze rapid and innovative advances. Funding available for the workshop & research grants program is up this year from $30,000 to $50,000.

Submitting a research workshop proposal involves a number of steps. Please review all of our guidelines and policies before you submit your application.

In September, all applicants should expect to receive notification as to whether their proposals will be funded. Within two weeks of receiving the award notification, workshop Coordinators will be contacted by ISA Headquarters to arrange workshop meeting reservations and details.

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Complete proposals must include the following:

  1. Title
  2. Workshop Coordinator(s)
  3. Full list of Participants with at least two Alternative participants, contact details and 500 word bios*
  4. Proposed date, location and duration of the workshop
  5. Statement of commitment on behalf of all Participants and Alternates
  6. Project description (max 5 pages)
  7. Detailed project budget
  8. CVs from the Coordinators


*Proposers will need the first and last name of all participants, email addresses, affiliations (and country of affiliations), role on the proposed workshop, ISA membership status, title/rank, and a 500 word (or less) bio. Bios should include information such as educational background, professional positions and appointments, relevant publications with citations and examples that demonstrate the broader impact of the individual's professional and scholarly activities that focus on the creation, integration and transfer of knowledge



The Project Description should include the following:

  1. The theme, purpose and objectives of the workshop;
  2. The need for and intellectual significance of the meeting and how and in what ways the project is new, innovative and/or path-breaking and will expand knowledge and understanding in one or more fields. This should identify the intellectual merit as well as the expected significance and broader impact resulting from the proposed activity in relation to the present state of knowledge in the field;
  3. How the project relates to previous research and theoretical developments, including a list of any recent meetings or publications on the same topic;
  4. The format of the workshop, including a statement of how the meeting will be organized and conducted as well as how other ISA members (especially junior scholars, scholars from various disciplines and nationalities and underrepresented minorities) who are interested in the topic may be included. Gender balance should also be considered;
  5. How the results of the workshop will be disseminated in order to benefit the larger ISA community and contribute to the enhancement and improvement of knowledge in the field.



Your budget proposal should list all of the costs you would like covered by your Workshop Grant. It is the responsibility of the proposer(s) to make certain that detailed and complete justification is provided in the original proposal for each item requested in the budget. Note that some specialty items can be covered under your grant, and you should contact ISA if you feel you want to itemize something not listed here.

Eligible Expenses for Virtual Workshops:

  1. Child care/Elderly care
  2. WiFi or internet connection fees
  3. Cost of purchasing technology (wifi hotspot, laptop accessories)
  4. Cost of renting technology (laptops)
  5. Limited hardware/software purchases [computer purchases are significant purchases and outside the scope of this grant program]
  6. Auxiliary aids and services for individuals with hearing or vision disability
  7. Limited lodging and travel, in cases where needed for virtual participation
  8. Participant Reimbursement Bank Wire Transfer Fee - $75 per participant if needed (reimbursements are issued without fee by check to US & Canadian participants, and to all other participants without fee via PayPal)
  9. Participant Per-Diem - Limit: $75 for 1 day for those who must travel outside of the home/work for virtual workshop access


What ISA Research Workshop Grants DO NOT Cover

  1. Grants do not provide funding for honoraria.
  2. Grants do not pay for administrative or clerical assistance.
  3. Grants do not pay for ISA membership dues, except in exceptional cases.
  4. Grants do not pay for the participation of observers and guests.
  5. Grants do not pay for additional catering, hotel labor, technical support, computer or DVD adapters, or equipment rentals not specifically approved by the committee. If you have an unusual or unique budget item that is not described in this section, contact the ISA office for assistance.
  6. The ISA Research & Workshop Grant Program does not pay overhead (indirect) costs.


The workshop coordinator will be the single point of contact between workshop participants and the ISA office on all questions relating to financial matters. The coordinator will be responsible for collecting and verifying receipts for eligible reimbursements from all participants using forms provided by the ISA office. The Coordinator is responsible for collecting and coordinating payments for approved research support. The coordinator is also responsible for ensuring all participants meet the ISA membership and convention registration requirements by the required deadlines. All approved expenses not directly deducted from the grant will be reimbursed only on the basis of actual receipts or invoices, and only in the amounts approved by the Research and Workshop Grant Committee for each line item.



Purpose of Research Workshop Grants

Workshop grants are available only for collaborative research that is new and innovative. Funding will not be provided to support on-going research or a part of an established long-term research program. Workshop proposals should include a diverse set of participants, ideally including scholars from different countries/regions of the world and scholars who are at different stages of their careers.


Either sections or individuals may apply for a Workshop Grant however all workshop grant applications must designate one single individual as the contact person for all communications. Proposed workshop leaders should not have received ISA research workshop grant in the past 24 months.


All Research and Workshop Grant proposals submitted to the committee are considered complete and final. Only the specific individuals listed in the proposal may participate in the workshop and will be eligible for reimbursement of approved expenses. Circumstances may arise which may prevent participants from attending the workshop. Alternate participants may be substituted following grant awarding, pending ISA grant manager approval. ISA Headquarters must be notified of this change at least ten weeks prior to the day of the workshop. Under no circumstances will a substitution in the Primary Workshop Coordinator be allowed.

ISA Membership

Research and Workshop Grants are a benefit of ISA membership. Accordingly, all workshop coordinators and participants must be members of ISA within two weeks of grant award date. Memberships must remain current through the time of reimbursement, which is typically a month following the time of the workshop. In [and only in] exceptional and well justified cases (such as financial hardship), the cost of ISA membership may be included in the budget for a specific participant(s). Coordinators may confirm membership status of participants by contacting the ISA office.

Potential Exceptions

Projects that require more than one year of support to produce quality scholarship may re-apply for second year funding, with a presumption of re-funding upon significant progress demonstrated to the committee.



Evaluation Rubric Proposals are rated on a scale from 1 to 10 (1 being the lowest possible rating and 10 being the highest possible rating) using the criteria below.


Intellectual Merit (25%)

Project aims to apply new expertise or new approaches to established research topics and is likely to catalyze rapid and innovative advances. It focuses on a significant research problem that stimulates cross-national examination or perspectives, and engages the interests of several disciplines.

Qualifications of proposers and participants (20%)

Understanding of the research community(ies) they wish to engage; ability to lead the workshop and follow-up activities; ability to contribute to the workshop and possible publication of results.

Value of Proposed Output (15%)

Potential to produce a significant scholarly output, such as a book-length manuscript and scholarly articles, sharing results with the larger scholarly community and making a contribution to the field.

Organizational effectiveness (10%)

Topic sufficiently well focused and workshop format sufficiently well designed to allow in-depth exploration by a small group during the time proposed for the workshop with follow-up plans sufficiently well designed to ensure effective follow-through.

Contribution to ISA’s mission (10%)

Topic shows promise of stimulating cross-national examination of perspectives on the given research problem. Topic involves collaboration among several disciplines, ISA sections or disciplinary subfields.

Participant diversity and balance (20%)

The project shows genuine diversity and balance, including significant participation by scholars from around the world, significant participation by junior scholars, and adequate attention to theoretical, methodological, geographical, gender, ethnic, and racial diversity.



In order to receive grant reimbursements, workshop coordinators will need to provide the following within 30 days of the workshop start date:

  1. A final report to the Research & Workshop Grants Committee Chair, with a copy to ISA. The report must contain 1) a detailed accounting of budget expenses, 2) a description of how the workshop went, and 3) plans for future publications.
  2. Copies of receipts for participants’ expenses in USD.
    Workshop coordinators are responsible for collecting all receipts from each individual participant, and verifying each approved expense. ISA cannot accept receipts from individuals. Coordinators must send all materials as a single PDF file via email (for auditing purposes) to ISA headquarters. Please place “WORKSHOP REIMBURSEMENTS [Last Name of Coordinator]” in the email subject line. Be sure that contact information for Participants is accurate and up-to-date for reimbursement.
  3. Research assistant invoices (if applicable)
    To reimburse a research assistant, you need to create an invoice requesting reimbursement for the research assistant, stating the number of hours they worked and how much they were paid per hour. ISA will then send a check to you, including the amount requested for reimbursement. You would be responsible for keeping track of the hours each student works to make sure to pay them accordingly from the reimbursement check.


Please keep the following in mind:

  1. Once all documentation has been received by ISA headquarters, reimbursements will be distributed. The Workshop Coordinator will receive his or her reimbursement after the Final report has been received. All approved expenses not directly deducted from the grant will be reimbursed only on the basis of actual receipts or invoices, and only in the amounts approved by the Research and Workshop Grant Committee.
  2. Only participants who meet the membership criteria will be eligible for reimbursement, up to the amount approved by the Committee. Please do not send reimbursement materials until all receipts are gathered.
  3. International participants will be reimbursed via PayPal. If, due to extenuating circumstances, you are not able to use PayPal for reimbursement, we can process your reimbursement via check or wire transfer. US and Canadian participants will be reimbursed by check. Workshop coordinators: If you anticipate using a wire transfer, please include $75 USD in the workshop budget to cover wire transfer fees.


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