Research and Workshop Grants Reports Archive

Please find below a list of the most recent awarded ISA Research Workshop Grants, along with their submitted project reports. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Programming Team at

Grant Reports Archive

TitlePublished DateDownload
Interrogating the Policy-Relevance of Peace Research: The Difficult Dialogue between Theory and Practice [2019 Venture]1/1/2019
International Organization Dissolution [2019 Venture]1/1/2019
Digital Democracy: Global Dimensions [2019 Venture]1/1/2019
Digital Technologies in World Politics [2019 Venture]1/1/2019
Academic freedom, IR knowledge and policy advice in the ‘post­‐truth’ era [2019 Venture]1/1/2019
The Internet as a Research Tool: Bridging Politics and Technology in the Study of Internet Shutdowns [2019 Venture]1/1/2019
Re-envisioning International Studies through Indigenous Politics [2019 Catalytics]1/1/2019
Interlingual Relations: Approaches, Conflicts, and Lessons in the Translation of Global Politics [2019 Catalytic]1/1/2019
Expanding the Study of the Nuclear Taboo: Cross-National and Multi-Dimensional Perspectives [2019 Catalytic]1/1/2019
Letting the State of the Hook: The Role of Non-State Actors in Peace and Justice Provision [2019 Catalytic]1/1/2019
Global Governance Through State Transformation [2019 Catalytic]1/1/2019
Deterring Atrocities: Identifying the Logic of Credible Prevention [2019 Catalytic]1/1/2019
Becoming War: Assembling Collective Violence [2018 Venture]1/1/2018
Popular Culture Matters! Exploring the Links between Popular Culture and World Politics [2018 Venture]1/1/2018
Modeling Spatial and Network Interdependence in International Relations [2018 Venture]1/1/2018
Gender, Global Health, and Violence: Feminist Perspectives on Peace and Disease [2018 Venture]1/1/2018
Just and Unjust Norms of Warfare [2018 Venture]1/1/2018
Peacebuilding in Conflict & Post-Conflict States [2018 Catalytic]1/1/2018
Sustainable Commodity Governance and the Global South [2018 Catalytic]1/1/2018
Finding Pathways Through the International Polarization of LGBTIQ Rights [2018 Catalytic]1/1/2018
Cultural Diversity and International Order [2018 Catalytic]1/1/2018
African Order, Global Order: A Scrutiny of Diplomatic Borderlands [2018 Catalytic]1/1/2018
Refugees, Forced Migration, and Conflict [2018 Catalytic]1/1/2018
Innovations in Comparative Capitalism [2018 Catalytic]1/1/2018
Energy Regionalism [2017 Venture]1/1/2017
New Frontiers in Norms Research [2017 Venture]1/1/2017
Fear, Trauma and Belonging: The Everyday of Ontological Security in International Relations [2017 Catalytic]1/1/2017
Measuring the impact of scientific uncertainty on international environmental regimes [2017 Catalytic]1/1/2017
The Futures of Women, Peace, and Security: New Directions in Research on the Women, Peace and Security Agenda [2017 Catalytic]1/1/2017
Ideology and Armed Groups [2017 Catalytic]1/1/2017
Taking Stock of the Past to Shape the Future of Norm Studies [2017 Catalytic]1/1/2017
Beyond the Boomerang: Evolving Transnational Advocacy [2017 Catalytic]1/1/2017
Unsteady lives: The dynamics of norm robustness [2016 Catalytic]1/1/2016
Conceptualization, Measurement and Analysis of Female Combatants [2016 Catalytic]1/1/2016
The Instrumental Uses of Norms in International Relations [2016 Catalytic]1/1/2016
Organizations in Contentious Politics [2016 Catalytic]1/1/2016
Europe’s Parallel Foreign Policy: The Ukraine-Russia Crisis [2016 Catalytic]1/1/2016
Beyond Ruptures and Crises: International Relations and the Long Unwinding Road of the Middle Ages [2016 Catalytic]1/1/2016
Bridging the Conceptual and Theoretical Divides on Peace and Peacebuilding [2016 Catalytic]1/1/2016
Making Identity Count: Quantifying National Identity Discourses [2016 Catalytic]1/1/2016
Parsing the Passions: Methodology and Emotion in IR [2016 Venture]1/1/2016
Polarized Polities [2016 Venture]1/1/2016
Unpacking the Sending State: Regimes, Institutions and Non-state Actors in Diaspora and Emigration Politics [2016 Venture]1/1/2016
Systemic Boundaries [2016 Venture]1/1/2016
Responsibility in World Politics [2015 Venture]1/1/2015
The Puzzles and Possibilities of Social Media in/on International Relations [2015 Venture]1/1/2015
Conflict Expertise: Competing Knowledges / Heterogenous Experts [2015 Venture]1/1/2015
Power and Interactions in the Politics of Transnational Public-Private Governance [2015 Venture]1/1/2015
Accountability in Global Environmental Governance [2015 Venture]1/1/2015
The Political Economy of National Security [2015 Venture]1/1/2015
Foreign Aid and Government Legitimacy [2015 Venture]1/1/2015
The Arab Uprisings in Comparative Perspective [2015 Catalytic]1/1/2015
The Responsibility to Protect Doctrine at Ten [2015 Catalytic]1/1/2015
Overlapping Regionalism [2015 Catalytic]1/1/2015
Rethinking Energy Geopolitics [2015 Catalytic]1/1/2015
From Anti-Money Laundering to Global Governance [2015 Catalytic]1/1/2015
The Globalization of International Society [2015 Catalytic]1/1/2015
Influencing International Relations: Power Politics, Informal Politics, or Both? [2014 Venture]1/1/2014
Patient Credit After the Crisis: Are There New Varieties of Capitalism? [2014 Venture]1/1/2014
Trials and Tribulations: Two Decades of Transitional Justice Research and Practice [2014 Venture]1/1/2014
Rising Powers and Intervention: Contested Norms and Shifts in Global Order [2014 Venture]1/1/2014
Philosophy and Inquiry in IR [2014 Venture]1/1/2014
Global Political Economy of Energy [2014 Venture]1/1/2014
Concept Analysis in International Relations [2014 Venture]1/1/2014
Transnational Actors in War and Peace [2014 Venture]1/1/2014
Prejudgments and Prejudices: Scrutinizing Background Ideas in International Relations [2014 Catalytic]1/1/2014
Coalition Politics and Foreign Policy [2014 Catalytic]1/1/2014
Objects and Spaces of Humanitarianism [2014 Catalytic]1/1/2014
Norm Evolution, Norm Death, or Norm Change: Why do Norms Lose Influence, and how does it Matter? [2014 Catalytic]1/1/2014
A New Security Dilemma? Politics and Policy at the energy-Security Nexus [2014 Catalytic]1/1/2014
Norm Antipreneurs: Enhancing Understanding of Resistance to Global Normative Change [2014 Catalytic]1/1/2014
Crowdsourcing Africa: New Communications Technologies in Politics and Social Science Research [2013 Venture]1/1/2013
Interdependence, Networks, and International Governance [2013 Venture]1/1/2013
Economic Sanctions and Political Processes: Going Beyond "Do They Work?" [2013 Venture]1/1/2013
Leave It In the Ground: Choosing to End the Fossil Fuel Era [2013 Venture]1/1/2013
Best Practices in the Collection and Presentation of Conflict Data [2013 Venture]1/1/2013
Hot, Cold and Cool Borderlines in the Americas: Politics of Cooperation and Conflict in Frontiers [2013 Venture]1/1/2013
What Makes Legal Norms Distinctive? [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
Protecting Human Rights: Duties and Responsibilities of States and Non-State Actors [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
World Government and Global Politics [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
War in 1914: Analytic Perspectives on Historical Debates [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
Advances in Gender and Military Studies [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
Nuclear Politics: Beyond Positivism [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
Filming/Film in IR: Visual Methodologies, Aesthetics and Ethics in International Relations [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
Sustainability Transition and Sustainable Peace: Policy Initiatives of Governments and International Organizations [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
Bridging the Gap between Role Theory and "Role Practice" in Foreign Policy [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
Intelligence Analysis, the Social Sciences and History: Understanding and Explaining International Actors and Outcomes [2013 Catalytic]1/1/2013
Global Economic Governance and the Development Practices of the ‘Other’ Multilateral Development Banks [2014 Catalytic]1/1/2013
NGO's by the Numbers: Innovations in Data Collection and Methods of Analysis [2012 Venture]1/1/2012
Legacies of Empire [2012 Venture]1/1/2012
Capitalism and Climate Change: Producing and Using Technologies to Save the Planet [2012 Venture]1/1/2012
The Repertoire of Tactics [2012 Venture]1/1/2012
The New Power Politics: Networks, Governance and Global Security [2012 Venture]1/1/2012
Institutions for Sustainable Peace: Comparing Institutional Configurations for Divided Societies [2012 Catalytic]1/1/2012
Think Globally, Teach Locally? Active Teaching and Learning in Cross-National Perspective [2012 Catalytic]1/1/2012
International Relationships in the Information Age [2012 Catalytic]1/1/2012
Doing Critical Methods in International Political Economy [2012 Catalytic]1/1/2012
People's Power and the Globalisation of Democracy [2012 Catalytic]1/1/2012
The Changing Character of War, the State and the Utility of Force in the 21st Century [2012 Catalytic]1/1/2012
Counting What Counts and Telling Stories [2012 Catalytic]1/1/2012
Transnational Actors and Conflict Outcomes [2012 Catalytic]1/1/2012
Unpacking the R2P Toolbox [2011 Venture]1/1/2011
Unexpected Outcomes Across the Pacific Rim [2011 Venture]1/1/2011
The International Relations Discipline [2011 Venture]1/1/2011
Normative Institutionalization-Implementation Gap [2011 Venture]1/1/2011
Memory, Trauma & Change in World Politics [2011 Venture]1/1/2011
Global Environmental Politics On A New Earth [2011 Venture]1/1/2011
The Markets for Force [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Peace Operations and the Emergency of Hybrid Peace [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Maritime Piracy and Global Governance [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Man, Agency and Beyond [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Language and the Politics of Grand Strategy [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Health Inequalities and Global Justice [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Gendered Peace? [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Domestic and International Dynamics [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Bridging the Transatlantic Divide [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Integrating Theory and Practice [2011 Catalytic]1/1/2011
Workshop on Water and Security [2010]1/1/2010
Integrating Research on Domestic and Foreign Policy Opinions [2010]1/1/2010
Designing Online Strategic Games and Microworld Simulations [2010]1/1/2010
Conflict Resolution in Divided Societies: Theory and Practice [2010]1/1/2010
Integrating Foreign Policy Analysis and International Relations Through Role Theory [2010]1/1/2010
Reconceptualizing Arms Control [2009]1/1/2009
Public-Private Hybridization of 21st Century State [2009]1/1/2009
NGO Challenge for IR Theory [2009]1/1/2009
IPE of Natural Resources [2009]1/1/2009
Constructing and Imagining Labor Migration [2009]1/1/2009
Communication, Culture, Psychology [2008 Catalytic]2/1/2008
International Organizations as Principals and Agents [2008 Catalytic]1/1/2008
Owning Development: Creating Global Policy [2008 Catalytic]1/1/2008
Who Governs The Globe? [2008 Venture]1/1/2008
The Relational Turn in the Study of World Politics [2008 Catalytic]1/1/2008
Post-Imperial Futures [2008 Venture]1/1/2008
Long-term Environmental Policy [2008 Venture]1/1/2008
Framing a Research Frontier: Cyberinfrastructure Policy [2008 Venture]1/1/2008
Explaining IO Performance [2008 Venture]1/1/2008
Earth System Governance [2008 Venture]1/1/2008
Complexity Science in IR [2008 Venture]1/1/2008