ISA-West Undergraduate Paper Award

The award recognizes the most outstanding papers presented at the ISA-West annual meeting.

General Information

Recipients must meet the Following Criteria

  1. Recipients must be a current member of ISA.


  • Recipients will receive a certificate and $50 gift card to

Selection Process

  • The ISA-West awards committee makes its selections among the papers presented at the ISA-West conference each autumn.
  • The committee will convene when three or more papers have been submitted.
  • Winners will be notified by the end of November, and award recipients will be honored at the following year's ISA-West conference.
  • Recent award winners (within the past three years) and current executive board members are not eligible.
  • Award recipient must be an ISA member.

Apply For This Award

  • Presenters may nominate themselves, and panel chairs and discussants may also nominate candidates.
  • The deadline to nominate or submit a paper presented at the September 2018 conference is October 31, 2019


Congratulations to the 2016 recipient of the ISA-West Undergraduate paper award, Priscilla T. Torres (Ralph Bunche Summer Institute) for "Beyond Victimization: Assessing Relief and Recovery Under UNSCR 1325"

For a list of past recipients, please check below.

Past Recipients


Thorin M. Wright | Chair
September 2018-September 2019
Arizona State University

Award Chairs please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

Key Dates

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