Teresia Teaiwa Student Paper Award

Teresia Teaiwa (1968-2017) was a feminist committed to decolonizing scholarly knowledge. Teresia’s many and diverse contributions were framed by a feminist commitment to examining the relationships between gender, militarism and the militarization of Oceania as well as by an intention to retrieve a cosmopolitan vision of Oceania that acknowledged the region as a nucleus of international politics and culture. Moreover, Teresia held a deep commitment to Pacific-oriented teaching and learning, which was especially notable in her support and mentoring of students and scholars from Oceania. Teresia’s work exemplifies the way in which the intellectual projects of Global Development (GDS) and Feminist Theory and Gender Studies (FTGS) are co-implicated. As a way of encouraging a closer working relationship between GDS and FTGS, and in order to honor Teresia’s commitment to Pacific scholarship, we would like to propose a paper award in her name.

General Information

Recipients must meet the Following Criteria

  1. Current students studying in Oceania at PhD level or equivalent
  2. Worthiness (and acceptance) of paper to be presented


  • Recipients receive a $800.00 (USD) cash prize and a certificate.

Selection Process

  • Two nominated members from GDS and FTGS (4 total) will review the submission.

Apply for the FTGS Award for Early Career Community Engagement

  • Nominations should be submitted to the Chair of the Award Committee Roberta Guerrina.
  • Nominations should include a copy of the nominee's CV and a letter of support. The letter should speak to the contributions made by the nominee and explain their importance.
  • Nominations can be made by anyone in the profession or by the relevant community group.
  • The deadline for nominations is August 1.


The inaugural Teresia Teaiwa Student Paper Award will be presented at the 2020 ISA Annual Convention in Honolulu.



Annika Bergman Rosamond |
Lund University

Megan H. MacKenzi |
University of Sydney

Robbie Shilliam |
John Hopkins University

Denise M. Horn |
Simmons University

Ajay Parasram |
Dalhousie University

Award Chairs please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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