Susan Strange Award

The Susan Strange Award was established in 1998 to recognize Susan Strange for her unique and extraordinary role within the International Studies Association and the worldwide community of scholars. This award recognizes a person whose singular intellect, assertiveness, and insight most challenge conventional wisdom and intellectual and organizational complacency in the international studies community. 


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  1. Recipients must be current members of ISA.
  • The recipient receives a plaque, which is presented at the Annual Convention by the President of ISA.
  • There is no monetary prize.
  • The recipient is selected by the President in consultation with the incoming president. There is no nomination or application process for this award.
  • The award is not necessarily given every year.
  • Nominations should be sent to by email to the current President of ISA. The deadline for nominations is September 15th of each year.


Congratulations to the 2022 recipient of the Susan Strange Award, R. Harrison Wagner! See the previous recipients below.

Year Recipient
2021 Barbara Walter
2020 Laura Sjoberg
2019 Jonathan Wilkenfeld
2018 J. Ann Tickner
2017 Scott Sagan
2016 Bruce Bueno di Mesquita
2015 Andrew Hurrell
2014 Dina Zinnes
2013 Kathryn Sikkink
2012 Robert O Keohane
2011 Peter J. Katzenstein
2010 Richard Falk
2009 John Mueller
2008 Hayward Alker
2007 Cynthia Enloe
2006 George Modelski
2005 Frank C. Zagare
2004 Ken Booth
2003 J. David Singer
2002 Steve Brams
2001 Robert W. Cox
2000 Steve Smith
1999 Rudolph Rummel

Committee Members

Deborah Avant | President
March 2022 - March 2023
University of Denver

Laura J. Shepherd | President-Elect
March 2022 - March 2023
University of Sydney

Mark A. Boyer | Executive Director
June 2015 - June 2025
University of Connecticut

Award Chairs, please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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