Religion and International Relations Book Award

The Book Award recognizes a book that excels in originality, significance and rigor in the broadly defined field of Religion and IR. For the best book published in the field of Religion and IR (a cash award and membership in the section for one year).


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  1. Recipients must be current members of ISA.
  2. Eligible books can be single- or multi-authored, or edited.
  3. Eligible books must have been published within the two-year period preceding the year of the competition. For example, for our current award, the books must have been published either in 2020 or 2021. A book shall be considered “published” in the year stated in the book itself. The subject matter of the book must fall into the broadly defined category of religion and international affairs.
  4. Self nominations are welcome.
  • The recipient will receive a plaque at the awards presentations at the annual Religion and International Studies reception.
  • Questions regarding the scope of the subject will be resolved by the sole discretion of the Awards Committee.
  • Self nominations are welcome.
  • The deadline to apply for this award is August 31, 2022.
  • Nominated books must be sent to the all members of the selection committee, with a short nomination letter.
  • For questions, please contact the chair, Ron Hassner (


Congratulations to the 2022 recipient of the Religion and International Relations Book Award, Gregorio Bettiza, for inding Faith in Foreign Policy: Religion and American Diplomacy in a Postsecular World! See the previous recipients below.

Year Recipient Title
2021 Cecelia Lynch Wrestling with God: Ethical Precarity in Christianity and International Relations
2020 Dmitry Adamsky

Daniel Philpott
Russian Nuclear Orthodoxy: Religion, Politics and Strategy

Religious Freedom in Islam? The Fate of a Universal Human Right In the Muslim World Today

Committee Members

Ron Hassner | Chair
University of California, Berkeley

Jason Klocek | Member
University of Notre Dame

David T. Buckley | Member
University of Louisville

Award Chairs, please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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