LGBTQA Caucus Book Award

The LGBTQA Caucus awards a Book Prize for the best book published in the preceding two years. The prize recognizes books advancing research on the themes of LGBTQA politics, queer theory, and sexuality in global politics. The LGBTQA Book Prize prioritizes original thought and impact, while also taking into consideration the value of awarding early and mid-career researchers.

General Information

Recipients must meet the Following Criteria

  1. Recipients must be a current member of ISA
  2. Recipients must be members of the LGBTQA Caucus
  3. Books must have been published in the preceding two calendar years. For this cycle, it is books published in 2016 and 2017 that are eligible.
  4. Nominators/nominees are responsible for making sure the publisher provides copies of the nominated book for the committee by the stated deadline


  • The winner will be announced at the LGBTQA/FTGS reception and will be awarded a plaque.

Selection Process

  • The selection committee will be comprised of the Chair-Elect of the caucus, the 2 members at large, and the previous year's eminent scholar awardee. They will read all submissions deemed to meet the eligibility requirements and determine a fair process for selection.
  • **Please note: This award alternates with the Emerging Scholar prize. The Book award is only awarded in odd-numbered years.

Apply For This Award

A book may be nominated to the Award Committee by any person, including the author. To be considered for the award, the nominator(s), author or publisher must send a copy directly to each member of the Award Committee by Fri 17 August 2018. Hard-copy submissions are preferred (please contact the Awards and Nominations officer, Catherine Baker ( for Award Committee mailing addresses). However, if the publisher cannot issue printed review copies or they would not arrive in time, electronic copies may be sent to the Award Committee members at the following email addresses:


Jamie J. Hagen: 
Ahmad Qais Munhazim: 
Spike Peterson:   
Rahul Rao:



To be determined


Catherine Baker

Award Chairs please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

Key Dates

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