ISA Asia-Pacific Best Conference Paper Award

This award is to recognize the best paper in general at the ISA Asia-Pacific Conference 2019 in Singapore. This award is subject to renewal by new executive committee for any subsequent regional conference.

General Information

Recipients must meet the Following Criteria

  1. They may be single- or multi-authored.
  2. All authors must be ISA members at the time of the conference.
  3. The paper must be uploaded at time of conference to the ISA Asia-Pacific Conference 2019, Singapore conference paper archive.
  4. Authors may self-nominate.
  5. A paper must be submitted with a cover sheet must be accompanied by a cover sheet that includes the title, name of author(s), institutional affiliation(s), and contact information.
  6. For multi-authored submissions, the cover sheet should designate one author as the point of contact, and provide only that person's contact information.
  7. The authors’ names must not appear in the paper itself, and all acknowledgements must be omitted.


  • The recipient will receive a certificate and $200.
  • To be awarded at the Business Meeting at the Annual Convention of the International Studies Association.

Selection Process

The papers will be submitted to the ISA Asia-Pacific Region email address. The Region President will administer the submissions. The ISA Executive Committee excluding the President will form the committee in part or in whole depending on the number of submissions of a total of at least 3 members. The Best Paper Committee's decision is final.


The deadline to nominate is 9th August, 2019. Please email nominations to:


Award Chairs please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

Key Dates