Past Recipients

Year Recipient Title
2021 Rahul Rao Out of Time: The Queer Politics of Postcoloniality
2020 Emma McCluskey From Righteousness to Far Right
2019 Diana Fu Mobilizing without the Masses. Control and Contention in China
2018 Debbie Lisle Holidays in the Danger Zone: Entanglements of War and Tourism
2017 Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglu How the West Came to Rule: The Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism
2016 Deborah Cowen The Deadly Life of Logistics. Mapping Violence in Global Trade
2014 Rebecca Adler-Nissen Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration
2014 Lisa Stampnitzky Disciplining Terror. How Experts Invented Terrorism
2013 Laleh Khalili Time in the Shadows: Confinement in Counterinsurgencies
2013 Marieke de Goede Speculative Security: The Politics of Pursuing Terrorist Monies
2012 Iver B. Neumann and Ole Jacob Sending (co-authors) TBD