IPS Book Award

The International Political Sociology Section (IPS) of the International Studies Association will institute a yearly award for "best book" in the field of international political sociology.


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  1. Recipients must be current members of ISA.
  2. Single- and multi-authored monographs published (i.e., with copyright dates) in the previous two calendar years are eligible for the award.
  3. Textbooks, edited collections and memoirs, as well as later editions and translations of previously published works, will not be considered.
  4. Books have to be published in an English-language edition to be considered.
  5. Works written by, or contributed to, Selection Committee members are ineligible for the award. Any member of the committee, excepting the Chair, may refuse to serve in order to make such a work eligible. The Chair will be responsible for selecting a suitable replacement.
  • The award will be presented at the section’s business meeting at the ISA Annual Convention.
  • The winner will receive a prize of $300 and a plaque.
  • The winner of the award will be selected for its outstanding contribution to international political sociology, whether in the form of theoretical development, empirical analysis, or both.
  • The Selection Committee should feel free to recommend that no award should be made in a given year. If at all possible, the Selection Committee should choose the winning submission and notable papers by consensus. If the Selection committee is unable to reach a consensus, a majority vote will determine the winning submission and notable papers.
  • The Chair of the Selection Committee must forward to the Executive Committee a recommendation for the Book Prize Winner, as well as up to three notable books, including a 100 words citation for each book, at least a month before the ISA annual meeting when the prize winner will be announced. These results will be published on the International Political Sociology Section website.
  • The External Selection Committee member will serve for two years. The Chair of the Committee and the two members of the Executive Committee part of the Selection Committee will serve for one year. The Chair is responsible for coordinating the deliberations of the committee, keeping records of the deliberations, and awarding the prize at the International Studies Association Meeting.
  • To nominate a book, hard copies must be sent to all members of the committee (see right). Due to the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and consequent lack of access to our institutional addresses, hard copies need to be sent to committee members' home addresses.
  • Please email the award chair Heather L. Johnson if you would like to nominate or self-nominate a book to receive a list with committee members' addresses. If a nomination does not come from an author or a publisher, the nominators will contact the publisher and/or author to ask for three copies to be sent to the Chair of the Selection Committee.
  • If the publisher and/or author does not send copies of the book, the book will not be eligible for consideration.
  • Books must be received by August 24,2022 of the year preceding the convention; copies will not be returned.



Congratulations to the 2021 recipient of the IPS Book Award, William A. Callahan, for the book Sensible Politics: Visualizing International Relations! See the previous recipients below.


Year Recipient Title
2021 Rahul Rao Out of Time: The Queer Politics of Postcoloniality
2020 Emma McCluskey From Righteousness to Far Right
2019 Diana Fu Mobilizing without the Masses. Control and Contention in China
2018 Debbie Lisle Holidays in the Danger Zone: Entanglements of War and Tourism
2017 Alexander Anievas and Kerem Nisancioglu How the West Came to Rule: The Geopolitical Origins of Capitalism
2016 Deborah Cowen The Deadly Life of Logistics. Mapping Violence in Global Trade
2014 Rebecca Adler-Nissen Opting Out of the European Union: Diplomacy, Sovereignty and European Integration
2014 Lisa Stampnitzky Disciplining Terror. How Experts Invented Terrorism
2013 Laleh Khalili Time in the Shadows: Confinement in Counterinsurgencies
2013 Marieke de Goede Speculative Security: The Politics of Pursuing Terrorist Monies
2012 Iver B. Neumann and Ole Jacob Sending (co-authors) TBD


Committee Members

Heather L. Johnson | Chair
Queen's University Belfast

Nicole Sunday Grove | Member
University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Charlotte Heath-Kelly | Member
University of Warwick

Mark Salter | Member
University of Ottawa

Award Chairs, please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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