IPE Outstanding Activist Scholar Award

In keeping with the criteria established by the IPE’s Activist Scholar Award Committee in 2006, the award is to be given to a person who has successfully straddled academia and activism.

General Information

Recipients must meet the Following Criteria

  1. The recipient should have a record of writing that is used and recognized within the academic community.
  2. The recipient should have a record of work that moves beyond academia into activism. The recipient should be an active participant in some civil-society, activist community.
  3. Activism in this case means active involvement not just through writing. The recipient must be more than just someone whose work is used by activists.


  • The recipient will receive a plaque at the ISA Annual Convention.

Selection Process

  • The award is not meant for someone whose role, however important, is to popularize writings. The recipient must be more than someone whose work reaches a broader, non-academic audience.
  • To the extent possible, the award is meant to be given to an Outstanding Activist Scholar for whom the award will have meaning and significance. In other words, the goal of the award is to honor someone whose “activist scholarship” has not been recognized in public ways by academia.

Apply For This Award

  • Nominations may be sent to  the Committee Chair Hasmet M. Uluorta  by  April 26, 2019 for consideration by the selection committee..
  • Nominations must provide the Name, affiliation, and email of the nominator and nominee
  • Nominators must explain how the nominee meets each criterion.
  • Nomination form can be found here: ISA- OAS Ballot Form  


Congratulations to Heikki Patomäki, 2020's recipient of the IPE Outstanding Activist Scholar Award!

For a list of past recipients, please check below.

Past Recipients

Award Chairs please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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