IPE Distinguished Scholar Award

The International Political Economy (IPE) Distinguished Scholar Award recognizes outstanding senior scholars whose influence and path-breaking intellectual work will continue to impact the international political economy field for years to come.

We particularly welcome nominations of innovative scholars who have contributed sophisticated new theories and methods for analyzing the international political economy, and who have made lasting contributions to fostering a stimulating and inclusive ISA community in additional areas, such as mentoring and service in the International Studies Association, or other areas the nominator may choose to highlight. To reflect the international and inclusive nature of our section, we encourage diversity in nominations according to intellectual orientation, gender, ethnicity, religion, and geography.


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  1. The committee is especially interested in scholars who have a history of attending ISA meetings, as we do not have the ability to support travel.
  2. Awardees must be members of ISA and the IPE Section.
  3. Awardees normally participate in a dedicated Distinguished Scholar panel during the annual convention.
  • The award includes a plaque and recognition at the IPE Section Reception during the annual convention.
  • Nominations (including self-nominations) must include the nominee’s current C.V. and a 1-page letter describing the nominee’s contribution to the study of IPE.
  • The nomination may come from any member of the International Political Economy Section.
  • Candidates nominated remain in contention for two years, and do not need to be re-nominated.
  • The nomination should be sent to the IPE Section Chair who serves as ex officio member.
  • The deadline for nominations is May 20, 2022.


Congratulations to the 2022 recipient of the IPE Distinguished Scholar Award, David Lake! See the previous recipients below.


2021 Judith L. Goldstein
2020 Eric Helleiner
2019 Aseem Prakash
2018 Kathleen McNamara
2017 Helen V. Milner
2016 John Ravenhill
2015 Louis Pauly
2014 Beth Simmons
2013 Craig Murphy
2012 Mary Ann Tétreault
2011 Philip Cerny
2010 James Mittelman
2009 Christopher Chase-Dunn
2008 Jeffrey Frieden
2007 Sylvia Ostry
2006 Stephen Gill
2005 Stephen Krasner
2004 Fernando Henrique Cardoso
2003 James Caporaso
2002 Peter Gourevitch
2001 David Baldwin
2000 Benjamin Cohen
1999 John G. Ruggie
1998 Immanuel Wallerstein
1997 Peter Katzenstein
1996 Robert Gilpin
1995 Robert Keohane
1994 Raymond Vernon
1993 Robert Cox
1992 Susan Strange
1991 Samir Amin
1990 Albert O. Hirschman
1989 Andre Gunder Frank


Orfeo Fioretos | Chair
Temple University

Julia Calvert | Member
University of Edinburgh

Louis Pauly | Member
University of Toronto

Lena Rethel | Member
University of Warwick

Robyn Klingler-Vidra | Member
King’s College London

Stefanie Walter | Member
University of Zurich

Award Chairs, please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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