ILAW Book Award

The International Law Book Award recognizes a book that excels in originality, significance and rigor in the broadly defined field of international law. The ILAW Book Award recognizes outstanding contributions to the field of international law.


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  1. Recipients must be current members of ISA
  2. Eligible books must be original works and may be single- or multi-authored. Edited collections, textbooks and translations are not eligible.
  3. Eligible books must have been published within the two calendar years preceding the year in which a book is submitted for competition. (i.e. For the prize to be awarded in 2022, qualifying books must be submitted before the relevant deadline in 2021 and have been published during 2019 or 2020).
  4. A book shall be considered "published"; in the year stated in the book itself.
  5. The subject matter of the book must fall into the broadly defined category of international law.
  • The recipient(s) will receive cash prize of $200 and Section membership for one year.
  • Where the winning book is co-authored, a single cash prize will be awarded to the authors collectively and each co-author will be awarded Section membership for one year.
  • Copies of books to be submitted shall be sent directly to each member of the Award Committee.
  • Questions regarding eligibility for the award will be resolved by the Award Committee, in consultation with the Section Awards Chair.
  • Decisions of the Award Committee are final.
  • A book may be nominated for the ILAW Book Award by any person. However, to be considered for the award, the nominator, author(s), or publisher must send a copy directly to each member of the Award Committee. Books must be received by all Award Committee members by September 15th, 2021. Books nominated will not be returned.
  • Nominators are invited to contact George Andreopoulos, Section Awards Chair, ahead of submission to advise of an intention to nominate a volume for consideration.
  • For further information or inquiries, please contact the ILAW Section Awards Chair.


Congratulations to the 2021 recipient of the ILAW Best Student Paper Award, Gavin Sullivan, for the book The Law of the List! See the previous recipients below.


Year Recipient Title
2021 Gavin Sullivan The Law of the List
2020 Antje Wiener Contestation and Constitution of Norms in Global International Relations
2019 Tanisha Fazal Wars of Law: Unintended Consequences in the Regulation of Armed Conflict
2018 Arlo Poletti and Dirk De Bievre Judicial Politics and International Cooperation: From Disputes to Deal-Making at the World Trade Organization
2017 Barbara Koremenos

Thomas Weatherall
The Continent of International Law: Explaining Agreement Design

Jus Cogens: International Law and Social Contract
2016 Kendall Stiles State Responses to International Law
2015 Karen Alter The New Terrain of International Law: Courts, Politics, Rights
2014 Joel Trachtman The Future of International Law: Global Government
2013 Christina L. Davis Why Adjudicate?



George Andreopoulos | Contact
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Jennifer Davis | Chair
April 2021- March 2022
6763 25th St N
Arlington, VA 22213

Lucrecia García Iommi | Member
April 2021- March 2022
Politics Department
302 Donnarumma Hall
Fairfield University
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Henry Carey | Member
April 2021- March 2022
Dept. of Political Science
Georgia State University
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