1. Each year, the International Ethics Section of the International Studies Association will award one prize of $200 for the best book published in the field of international ethics. The award will be made at the Business meeting of the International Ethics section during the International Studies Association Convention.

2. The award recognizes a book that excels in originality, significance and rigor in the broadly defined field of international ethics. In addition to selecting one winner for the Book Prize, the Selection Committee may recognize up to five other Notable Books for their superior scholarship and contribution to the field of international ethics.

3. Eligible books can be either single or multi authored. Edited collections will not be eligible. Textbooks, translations and memoirs are not eligible.

4. The subject matter of the book must fall into the broadly defined category of international ethics. This includes, but is not limited to, books on international descriptive ethics, international normative ethics, metaethics, comparative ethics, international religious ethics, international political theory, and international legal theory.

5. Books not clearly falling into one of the above categories may be considered if all three members of the Selection Committee agree that it is worthy of consideration.

6. To nominate a book, authors or publishers must send a copy to each one of the three members of the Selection Committee. Books must be received by 1 September of the year preceding the convention. Books nominated will not be returned.

7. Other nominations of books will also be considered. If a nomination does not come from an author or a publisher, the Chair of the Selection Committee will contact the publisher and/or author to ask for copies to be sent to the members of the Selection Committee. If the publisher and/or author does not send copies of the book, the book will not be eligible for consideration.

8. Books to be considered must be published within a two year period preceding the year of the competition: For instance, to be considered for the 2014 prize, books must be published in either 2012 or 2013. “Published” means that the year listed in the book itself must be one of these two.

9. The Selection Committee will consist of two members and a Chair. The Selection Committee will be nominated by the Executive Committee of the International Ethics Section and approved by the Section as a whole through a majority vote at the International Ethics Section meeting each year.

10. Selection Committee members will serve for one year. The Chair of the Committee will serve for two years.

11. Books by Selection Committee members are not eligible during their tenure on the committee. Books by Executive Committee members are eligible, and current EC members are not eligible to serve on the SC. At the time the short list is decided, a Selection Committee member who would then be in a conflict of interest (for example, judging the work of a departmental colleague, an author whose book belongs in a series that a committee member edits, a student in his or her department, a partner or family relative, a book co-author or journal co-editor, a former student or a former supervisor) shall remove himself or herself from the Committee, and the decision to short list a book by someone in a conflict of interest with a Selection Committee member should be made without this Selection Committee member. In the event that two Selection Committee members are in a conflict of interest with a submission, the SC member without a conflict will appoint an external substitute.

12. Selection Committee members will elect a Chair at the International Studies Association Meeting. The Chair will be responsible for coordinating the deliberations of the committee, keeping records of the deliberations, and awarding the prize at the International Studies Association Meeting.

13. Each member of the Committee will keep a written record of his/her evaluation of the books under consideration. These records will be kept by the chair until the end of the International Studies Association meeting.

14. The Selection Committee will develop its own rules for evaluating books. These rules will be approved by the Executive Committee by 1 July of the year prior to the meeting and available to any member of the section upon request from the Chair.

15. The Selection Committee should feel free to recommend that no prize be given if in their view there is no book worthy of the prize among the books nominated. If at all possible, the Selection Committee should choose the winning submission and notable books by consensus. If the Selection committee is unable to reach a consensus, a majority vote will determine the winning submission and notable books.

16. Reporting the results of the competition: The Chair of the Selection Committee must forward to the Chair of the Executive Committee a recommendation for the Book Prize Winner, as well as up to five Notable Books, including a 100 word citation for each book, at least two weeks before the ISA annual meeting when the prize winner will be announced. These results will be published on the International Ethics Section website.

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