Francesco Guicciardini Prize for Best Book in Historical International Relations

Francesco Guicciardini (1483-1540) was an Italian historian and statesman who served in the Florentine and papal diplomatic services and was the author, among other works, of the landmark History of Italy (Storia d’Italia), a foundational work on statecraft and grand strategy which combined careful historical research with general theorizing about the ethics and practices of international behavior. The Francesco Guicciardini Prize is given annually and recognizes the best book copyrighted in the previous calendar year on subjects related to historical international relations. The award is not intended for books written by disciplinary historians. Nor does it see History as a particular technique, such as the use of archives and other primary sources. Rather, it is aimed at histories of international relations and/or the use of history to illuminate theoretical, conceptual and analytical issues in IR. This year's prize will be open to books with a copyright of 2021 or 2022.


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  1. Recipient must be a current member of ISA.
  2. The recipient may be at any stage of their career and from any country.
  3. Self-nominations are welcome.
  4. Current members of the award committee are ineligible for the award. They should also declare any conflicts of interest regarding nominated books to the other committee members. 
  5. Edited books are not eligible for this award.
  • The recipient will be announced at the HIST Section Business Meeting at the ISA Annual Convention and will be recognized at the HIST Section reception.
  • The recipient will receive an award plaque and will be presented with an opportunity for a book forum in the Cambridge Review of International Affairs.
  • The recipient is selected by a three-person committee appointed by the HIST section officers; committee members serve for two years.
  • Nominated books should conduct careful historical analysis that produces significant insights into ongoing concerns in international studies.
  • When nominating an author, please submit a copy of the book to each member of the Award Committee.
  • The nominations deadline is August 15th. Please send nominations to the award chair, Sandra Halperin.



Congratulations to Mira L. Siegelberg, the 2022 recipient of the Francesco Guicciardini Prize for Best Book in Historical International Relations, for "Statelessness: A Modern History" ! See the previous recipients below.

Year Recipient Title
2021 Peter Vale and Vineet Thakur South Africa, Race and the Making of International Relations
2020 Iver Neumann and Einar Wigen The Steppe Tradition in International Relations
2019 Or Rosenboim

Tarak Barkawi
The emergence of globalism: Visions of world order in Britain and the United States, 1939-1950

Soldiers of Empire Indian and British armies in World War II
2018 Dr Martin J. Bayly Taming the Imperial Imagination. Colonial Knowledge, International Relations, and the Anglo-Afghan Encounter, 1808–1878
2017 Andrew Phillips and Jason C. Sharman International Order in Diversity: War, Trade and Rule in the Indian Ocean
2017 Barry Buzan and George Lawson The Global Transformation: History, Modernity and the Making of International Relations
2016 Eric Helleiner Forgotten Foundations of Bretton Woods: International Development and the Making of Postwar Order
2015 Lisa Stampnitzky Disciplining Terror: How Experts Invented Terrorism
2014 Julian Go Patterns of Empire:The British and American Empires, 1688 to the Present

Committee Members

Sandra Halperin | Chair
University of London
4 York Mansions
215 Earls Court Road
London, U.K. SW5 9AF

Manjeet Pardesi| Member
Victoria University of Wellington
203/16 Kelburn Parade
Centre for Strategic Studies
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

Joanne Yao| Member
Queen Mary University of London
43 Brunel Road
Woodford Green

Award Chairs, please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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