Excellence In Teaching And Mentoring Award

This award is broadly designed to honor faculty members in the ISA-Midwest region who excel in working with students, recognizing that a core part of our work as educators takes place both in and out of the classroom and can significantly impact the lives of our students. The award takes into account that excellence in teaching may take a variety of forms.

General Information

Recipients must meet the Following Criteria

  1. Recipient must be a current member of ISA
  2. Recipient must be a member of ISA Midwest, and/or have attended the conference in the previous five years, and/or be geographically located in the Midwest region
  3. No recipient will be eligible to receive the award more than once
  4. The award might be made to a faculty member who excels in any (or all) of the following areas (this is not exhaustive):
  5. - Using innovative teaching methods
    - Designing a creative new curriculum
    - Exceptionally employing experiential learning (service learning, travel abroad, role playing, simulations, case studies, etc.)
    - Demonstrating significant professional development over time in the areas of teaching/learning/mentoring
    - Sharing their insights on teaching/learning/mentoring with other professionals
    - Serving as an outstanding mentor to undergraduate or graduate students
    - Engaging students in their research or encouraging the students’ own original research


  • The recipient will be honored with a plaque at the annual meeting.
  • A special roundtable or panel will spotlight his/her contributions to teaching and share his/her innovations with others

Selection Process

  • The faculty will review the nominations and select the nominee that best exemplifies excellence in teaching and mentoring, taking into consideration whether the nominee has made efforts to assess and revise her/his materials over time, and whether she/he has sought to disseminate her/his practices to others on her/his home campus or in the broader community.
  • Committee members should be aware of any potential conflicts of interest and recuse themselves from reviewing any nominee from their own institution or any of their former students

Apply for the Excellence in Teaching and Mentoring Award

The deadline for nominations is April 1, 2018

  • To nominate an individual, please send the nomination materials to the award chair, Paul Diehl. Nomination materials include:
  • 1) A clear description of the teaching/mentoring achievement(s) to be evaluated by the committee.
    2) A current CV of the nominee.
    3) No more than three letters of support from current or former students of the nominee.

  • Once the nomination has been received, the committee will request the following materials from the Nominee:
  • 1) a statement of teaching philosophy
    2) additional supportive materials as appropriate (e.g., syllabi, sample assignments, photos, video, web-based or multimedia content, or sample summative work of the class)

  • If you are the nominee, please send the following materials to the award chair:
  • 1) A statement of teaching philosophy.
    2) Additional supportive materials as appropriate (e.g., syllabi, sample assignments, photos, video, web-based or multimedia content, or sample summative work of the class).


Congratulations to A. Cooper Drury, 2016's recipient of the Excellence In Teaching And Mentoring Award!

For a list of past recipients, please check below.

Past Recipients


Paul Diehl | Chair

Meet the Committee

Award Chairs please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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