Edward Said Award: Global Development Studies (GDS) Section’s Graduate Paper Award

The ISA Global Development Studies (GDS) Section is pleased to announce the call for submissions for the 2020 Edward Said Award.
The Edward Said Award has been established to honor the intellectual legacy of Professor Said and to recognize outstanding Graduate Research.

General Information

To be eligible for the Edward Said Award, you will be:

  1. A current graduate student (at the time of submitting the paper).
  2. A member of the ISA Global Development Section (for instructions on joining, see www.isanet.org/ISA/Sections/GDS)
  3. Accepted to the ISA Hawaii Program to present the paper you wish to submit to be considered for the Award.
  4. Attending the ISA Hawaii Convention (barring any exceptional, unforeseen circumstances).


  1. The winner will receive the Award during the GDS Section Reception at the Hawaii Convention; in addition to the Award, the winner will also receive a small cash prize of $ 200.00.
  2. To find out about our previous winners, please follow the link in the panel on the right of this page.

Selection Process

  1. The submissions will be evaluated by the Awards Committee, and the winner will be notified one week before the commencement of the ISA Convention in Hawaii..
  2. Committee members will be looking for papers that make a distinctive contribution either conceptually, empirically, or both to the broad field of Global Development Studies.

Apply For This Award

Eligible candidates should make sure that papers intended for submission to the GDS Awards Committee are fully referenced, no less than 7000 and no more than 9000 words in length, and satisfy the basic editorial requirements for a journal article submission.

The paper should not have been accepted or even submitted for consideration for publication until award results have been informed.

Please send papers you wish to be considered for this Award to the following e-mail address by Monday February 17, 2020: gdsaward@gmail.com 

For further information please contact Dr. Randolph B. Persaud, Associate Professor, American University (SIS), Washington D.C. Email: persaud@american.edu


Congratulations to Recipients of the Edward Said Award

The Global Development Studies (GDS) Section is delighted to announce the following recipients:


Columba Achilleos-Sarll, Winner of the 2019 Edward Said Award! Columba's (Politics and International Studies, University of Warwick) paper "Seeing the Women, Peace and Security Agenda: Exploring Visual Recpresentations of Race and Gender" will be formally recognized at the GDS Section’s reception in Toronto

María José Méndez Gutiérrez, Winner of the 2018 Edward Said Award! María's (University of Minnesota) outstanding research and article ‘“The River Told Me”: Rethinking Intersectionality from the World of Berta Cáceres’ will be formally recognized at the GDS Section’s reception on San Francisco.

Ida Danewid, Winner of the 2017 Edward Said Award! Ida Danewid (London School of Economics and Political Science) is the Winner of of the 2017 Edward Said Award for her submission entitled “A Drowned Memory Space: White Innocence and the Politics of Mourning in the Black Mediterranean”. Ida’s paper is published in Third World Quarterly.

Timothy Seidel, Winner of the inaugural (2016) Edward Said Award!  Timothy Seidel (Eastern Mennonite University) as the Winner of the inaugural Edward Said Award for his submission entitled "'Occupied Territory Is Occupied Territory': James Baldwin, Palestine and the Possibilities of Transnational Solidarity". Timothy’s paper is published in Third World Quarterly 37(9):1644-1660.


Award Chairs please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

Key Dates