Alexander George Award [FPA]

Graduate students are invited to participate in the Alexander George Graduate Student Paper Competition sponsored by the Foreign Policy Analysis Section (FPA) of ISA. The award was established in 1990 to recognize an outstanding graduate student paper presented on a Foreign Policy Analysis Section panel at the ISA Annual Convention.


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  1. Recipients must be a current student members of ISA
  2. Only papers presented on a Foreign Policy Analysis Section panel at the ISA Annual Convention, regional meetings or ISA-sponsored international meetings are eligible to be nominated for this award.
  3. Papers that are co-authored by a faculty member are not typically eligible for consideration.
  • Recipient receives a plaque (1st place) and a monetary award, there is the potential for multiple cash awards based on the quality and number of papers received, up to $500 total.
  • The selection committee is composed of the Foreign Policy Analysis Section's three Officers-at-Large.
  • The award will be presented at the Foreign Policy Analysis Section business meeting during the ISA Annual Convention.

Entries for the competition must be papers presented at the last annual ISA convention, regional meetings or ISA-sponsored international meetings on a panel (or during a poster session) sponsored or co-sponsored by the Foreign Policy Analysis Section.

To enter the competition, e-mail a copy of your paper (in MS Word or PDF format) by no later than June 15th to the chair of the award committee.


Congratulations to Joon Chung from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, the 2022 recipient of the Alexander George Award for “Attitudinal Anchoring: Leader’s Attitude and the Credibility of Threat”! See the previous recipients below.


Year Recipient Title
2021 Brendan Cooley Estimating Policy Barriers to Trade
2020 Stephan Fouquet Foreign Policy Decision-Making: Institutions, Ideologies and Leaders
2019 Rachel Myrick Why So Secretive? Unpacking Public Attitudes Towards Secrecy and Success in U.S. Foreign Policy
2017 Rachel Esplin Odell TBD
2015 Benjamin Martill Of Power and Partisans: Challenging the 'Postwar Consensus' in British Foreign Policy
2014 Jacquelyn G. Schneider Presidential Decisions for War - Is Intelligence to Blame? Case Studies of Lyndon B. Johnson and George W. Bush
2013 Sibel Oktay TBD
2012 Rachelle Cloutier The Ties that Bind? Liberal Democracies, Global Human Rights Norms & Foreign Policy Dilemmas
2011 Jonathan Renshon Dissatisfied States: Status and Aggression in World Politics
2008 Christopher J. Fariss TBD
2007 Sam Robinson TBD
2006 Ebru S. Canan TBD
2004 Eric Strachan TBD
2001 Amy Skonieczny TBD


Committee Members

Sibel Oktay | Chair
March 2021-March 2022
University of Illinois at Springfield

Robert Mason | Member
March 2021-March 2022

Jack Zhang | Member
March 2021-March 2022
University of Kansas

Bryan Early | Member
March 2021-March 2022
State University of New York at Albany

Award Chairs, please review dates to ensure deadlines are met.

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