ALIAS Distinguished Scholar Award

Presented annually, this award would recognize sustained excellence in the scholarship of teaching and learning as it pertains to international affairs. Prior service to ALIAS and/or ISA more generally would also be a criterion. A panel, honoring the contribution of the recipient, would accompany the award.


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  1. Research conducted both on the development of active exercises and the evaluation of the pedagogy on the use active techniques, demonstrated through the acceptance in journals and other publications, with an emphasis on peer-reviewed research
  2. A continued and demonstrated commitment to excellence in the classroom, including an active teaching load
  3. A commitment to the active classroom, in one of its multiple forms, including but not limited to role-play, simulation and gaming, case teaching, study abroad, film and other popular culture, service learning, blogging and other forms of external and internal communication, and others not delineated
  4. Service and leadership to the International Studies Association, with a particular emphasis on pedagogy related sections (ALIAS, International Education) and ideally service at both the international as well as regional organizations and conferences
  5. A commitment to the development of active pedagogical techniques internationally, with a particular eye toward different national, cultural, ethnic, linguistic, gender, and/or socioeconomic experiences in the active classroom
  • The recipient will receive a plaque that will be presented at the ISA Annual Convention either at a roundtable with the scholar, or a reception.
  • There will be a three member committee each year to receive candidate nominations, with the final recipient to be voted on by the ALIAS Executive Committee.
  • Please email any nominations to Jason Enia by June 19


Congratulations to Cristina Y. A. Inoue, the 2021 recipient of the ALIAS Distinguished Scholar Award!

Year Recipient
2021 Cristina Y. A. Inoue


Jason Enia | Chair
March 2019 - March 2020
Kennesaw State University

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