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March 2013




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What's New

Welcome to the ISA E-Newsletter, an e-mail newsletter from the International Studies Association. New in this edition: 

  • ISA Journals Online: The March edition of IPS has been sent by our publisher and is now online.
  • Annual Convention News:  The online paper archive is now open; our overflow hotels are nearing deadlines; and we highlight some events you may be interested in.  
  • We close with the the usual reminders about upcoming deadlines, calls for papers and more Region, Section, and Caucus news for your review.

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Association News

IPS Issue #1 of Vol.7 in the Mail
Members who purchased a postal delivery subscription should have received the March issue of International Political Sociology. All members have free online access to our journals as part of their membership. The online portal provided by our publisher, Wiley-Blackwell, offers the full text of journal articles in HTML and PDF formats, you may read online or download the articles to your computer and/or mobile device. 

2013 Annual Convention News
The program chairs invite you to our 54th Annual Convention, to be held in San Francisco from April 3-6, 2013 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square. Our convention theme is The Politics of International Diffusion: Regional and Global Dimensions. The full call has been posted to our website here.  As of today, we have 5,684 people on program serving on 994 panels, 171 roundtables, 13 workshop panels/roundtables, 16 Junior Scholar Symposium panels, 8 innovative panels, and 6 reception poster panels. Please contact the program chairs ( if you have any questions or concerns about your participation on the program.

Paper Archive Now Open
The paper archive for the 2013 Annual Convention is now open. Instructions for how to login and upload papers have been posted to our public website here. You may upload in the following format: Adobe PDF. Paper presenters are responsible for providing copies of their paper to their panel at least one week prior to the meeting and uploading their paper to the online paper archive.

Hotel Update: Please note that the room reservation deadline for the overflow hotels at the Annual Convention is fast approaching. The cut-off date for Hotel Nikko and the Handlery is March 9th and the cut-off for the Hotel Manaco is March 11th. Our overflow hotels offer another option for our convention attendees who have yet to make room reservations. These hotels offer the same discounted room rates as our primary host hotels. Please see the convention hotel website for more information on our overflow hotels. 

A Special Opportunity at the ISA Convention
As the ISA Annual Convention draws near, we would like to let you know about an exciting upcoming event that will take place on Friday, April 5th, from 1:45-3:30pm at the San Francisco Hilton, Union Square. The Presidential Theme Roundtable on "The Nonproliferation Regime: Firewall Against Nuclearization? (FC01)," chaired by ISA president Etel Solingen, will feature the Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency Mr. Yukiya Amano. Before assuming his current post, Mr. Amano served as Chair of the Agency’s Board of Governors in his capacity as Japan’s Ambassador to International Organizations in Vienna and Governor to the IAEA. As Board Chair, he represented the IAEA at the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony in December 2005. During his diplomatic career, Mr. Amano was Chair of the First Session of the Preparatory Committee for the 2010 NPT Review Conference and served on the UN Expert Group on Disarmament and Nonproliferation Education. Other roundtable panelists include Dr. Robert Gallucci, President of the MacArthur Foundation and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State; Ms. Angela Kane, UN High Representative for Disarmament Affairs; and Professor William Potter, Director of the Monterey Institute’s Center for Nonproliferation Studies.

Convention Information and Travel Tips
As you prepare to depart for the Annual Convention we have assembled an information page with helpful tips on things to do before you leave, when you arrive, and tips for saving money while you are there. We hope this information will help you enjoy your travel to and from the Annual Convention.  

Exhibitor Discount Coupons
ISA has invited 120 exhibitors to participate in our Exhibition Hall in the Grand Ballroom of the Hilton Union Square. These exhibitors represent publishers, academic institutions, government agencies, and think tanks showcasing their products and services to our large international membership. Many of them are offering special discount coupons that you may print (or display on your mobile device) and bring to their booth in the hall. 

Innovative Panels at ISA 2013
Planning on attending ISA 2013 in San Francisco? Check out the innovative panels featured during ISA’s next Annual Convention: 

  • Field Experiments in IR: Identifying Behavioral Outcomes (Thursday, April 4th, 8:15am-10am): A forum to brainstorm behavioral outcomes amenable to experimental manipulation.
  • Why Theories of IR Need Theories of Foreign Policy (Thursday, April 4th, 10:30am-12:30pm): A panel exploring relationships between international relations theory and foreign policy analysis, and possibilities for integration.
  • Surviving the Politics of Academia (Thursday, April 4th, 1:45pm-3:30pm): A roundtable of scholars will share perspectives on coping with the politics of academia.
  • Gendering and Decolonizing IR: bridging the divide between FTGS and GD (Thursday, April 4th, 4pm-5:45pm): An interactive exercise designed to incorporate gender, race, development, and political economy more readily into IR research practices.
  • Mapping the Universe of IR Theories (Friday, April 5th, 8:15am-10am): A town hall meeting on theorizing international relations and world politics.
  • Practices and projects in the anarchical society (Friday, April 5th, 10:30am-12:15pm): A workshop to map the tensions between English School 'master institutions' and international organizations.
  • Critical Security Studies Methods Café (Friday, April 5th, 1:45pm-3:30pm): An interactive café-style forum to discuss a range of methods in Critical Security Studies. 
  • Extreme Pedagogy: Approaches to Experiential Learning (Friday April 5th, 4pm-5:45pm): A panel exploring experiential learning approaches in the classroom, field research, & practice.

To find more information about these panels, check out the ISA website

Film Screenings
At the initiative of Etel Sollingen, ISA President, and with great help from ISA HQs and Program Chairs, our upcoming convention in San Francisco will, for the first time, include film screenings as well as video works by IR scholars. Two film screenings are scheduled: on Wednesday, April 3, "Snow" (Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2008), and on Friday, April 5, "Aftershock" (China, 2010). Both screenings will start at 6:30 p.m. in Continental 2, and they will be followed by roundtable discussions. Video works by Shinhyung Choi (Wednesday), Cindy Weber (Thursday), Nahed Mansour (Friday) and Elspeth Van Veeren (Saturday) will be shown from 8 to 6 on a continuous loop in the Green Room (next to the Exhibit Hall). Luncheon conversations with these scholars/authors are planned from 12:30-1:30 on the days when they are screening their works.

Awards, Fellowships, & Grants

The following are links and summaries of funding opportunities in international studies offered by various institutions and organizations as well as ISA regions and sections. Application deadlines are highlighted. For more information click on the title link.

EISA Best Ph.D. Student Paper
The European International Studies Association (EISA) invites nominations for a competition to judge the Best Ph.D. Student Paper 2012. The main criteria for judging the papers will be outstanding scholarship and originality. Papers may have been presented at a workshop or conference or published during 2012. The Best Ph.D. Student Paper Award will be announced at the upcoming EISA Pan-European Conference in Warsaw, Poland (18-21 September). Nominations and a copy of the paper should be sent to the selection committee chair, Professor Karin Fierke ( The deadline for nominations is May 1, 2013.

More award news...


Conferences & Calls for Papers

PSS-ISA Joint Conference 2013
ISA and Peace Science Society International invite proposals for their Joint Conference to be held June 27-29, 2013 at Corvinus University, Budapest, Hungary. The conference theme is Security Challenges in an Evolving World and the program chairs are Sara Mitchell and Halvard Buhaug. This conference will explore the numerous security challenges states face today both domestically and globally and how these challenges influence interstate conflict, civil war, and peaceful conflict management practices. Three distinct phenomena form the backdrop of this conference: climate change, the global financial crisis, and the revolutionary awakening across the Middle East region. Each of these developments carries the potential to destabilize societies and cause widespread human suffering. Poverty and poor economic growth are key characterizing features of war-torn societies today. Bleak economic prospects and monetary crises have led masses to the streets in numerous developed countries as well. Rapidly diminishing resource supplies and future projections of massive climate-induced human displacement might well make new regions vulnerable to social and political conflict. Moreover, the dynamics of the Arab Spring are still in limbo, raising questions about the future of democracy in the region, as well as potential clashes between the established democratic community and its newest members. Each of these phenomena constitutes a distinct challenge to affected societies and it is important to identify potential solutions for managing these crucial issues in world politics. More broadly, the conference seeks to engage dialogue on conflict and conflict management research to understand how states are responding to shifts in the global security environment. Registration is ongoing and is in the Late Registration period, online registration is available and encouraged. Please see the conference website for more information.

Call for Editors: Cooperation and Conflict
The Nordic International Studies Association (NISA) announces a search for a new editorial team to take over the running of Cooperation and Conflict (CoCo) during mid-2013 and for a four-year period. CoCo, published by SAGE Publications, was launched more than forty years ago and is one of the prominent international journals in the field. It ranks in the top third of journals in both International Relations and Political Science, and it has been growing in terms of submissions and impact factor (currently 0.902) in recent years. The present editorial team consists of Lee Miles and Jan Angstrom. NISA is looking for an editorial team with the academic strength and institutional support to continue the growth of the journal established by the previous editors. Enquiries can be made to NISA chairman, Sten Rynning, Applicants should email an application including a cover letter with a statement describing the editors’ goals for taking CoCo forward, CVs, and a confirmation of institutional support from the appropriate authority. The closing date for applications is March 15, 2013. NISA is an ISA Cooperating Organization. 

The Politics of Indigenous Identity: National and Global Perspectives
The organizers invite paper proposals for the IPSA RC14 (Research Committee on Politics and Ethnicity) Conference to be held July 11-14, 2013, at Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Proposals on the conference theme The Politics of Indigenous Identity: National and Global Perspectives are invited in the form of an abstract of no more than 400 words to be sent to the chair of the local organizing committee, Professor Stephanie Lawson, at The deadline for paper proposals and receipt of abstracts is March 15, 2013 but those received earlier may be given priority. The deadline for full papers (of no more than 8,000 words) is June 15th, 2013.

METU Conference on International Relations
The organizers invite paper and panel proposals for the 12th METU Conference on International Relations. The METU Conference, one the oldest annual conferences in Turkey on international relations, will be held between 12-14 June 2013 in Ankara. The Conference takes pride in annually bringing together scholars from all around the world to exchange views in approximately 50 panels and roundtables. The topic of this year’s conference is "Turkey in the World." In recent years there has been an increasing interest in Turkey’s role in world politics. This conference aims to provide a broad framework for scholars, policy-makers and experts who work on different aspects of Turkish politics. It will create a venue for discussion from multiple perspectives. Proposals should be submitted before March 15, 2013. The full call may be downloaded here (PDF).

Workshop for Women in International Security
The organizers invite proposals for the 6th Annual Workshop for Women in International Security. The workshop will be held from 30 May - 1 June 2013 at the Canadian Forces College in Toronto, Ontario. Paper proposals are invited on the theme: Women, Violence and International Security. The workshop is an opportunity for graduate students to join a growing network of Canadian scholars and professionals working in the areas of security and defence policy, foreign affairs and the military. The workshop will involve panels by mentors from academe, government, and the military, an interactive negotiation exercise, research presentations by graduate participants, and plenty of opportunity for networking. Students are encouraged to submit research related to their thesis or dissertation projects. Proposals may be submitted in English or in French and those selected for panels may present in either language. Selected papers will be considered for publication in International Journal. The Journal is interested both academic papers (approx. 6000 words) and policy papers and commentary (approx. 3000 words). To apply submit a proposal of no more than 250 words and a CV to Dr. Maja Catic,, by March 31, 2013. Please see the workshop website for more information.

CFP: St Antony’s International Review
St Antony’s International Review (STAIR), an interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed journal based at St Antony’s College, University of Oxford. STAIR announces a call for abstracts for a special edition of the journal to be published in February 2014 on “A Re-Examination of Private Military and Security Companies.” This edition will address such questions as: PMSCs in geographical perspective: what will be the private security response to the end of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? Where are the next hotspots for private security involvement? Are the borders of globalization the homeland of the PMSC? STAIR welcomes abstracts up to 500 words. Please submit your abstracts to The deadline for abstracts is the April 1, 2013. See the journal website for more information.

American Society of International Law Annual Conference
The organizers announce the 107th ASIL Annual Meeting will take place in Washington, DC from April 3-6, 2013. The conference theme is: International Law in a Multipolar World. With over a century of tradition and experience behind it, ASIL's Annual Meeting has become the most important gathering in the field of international law. More than 1,400 practitioners, academics, and students travel to Washington, DC, each spring from all over the world to debate and discuss the latest developments in their field. Registration is now open and room reservations are being taken by the conference host hotel. Please see the conference website for more information. ASIL is an ISA cooperating organization.

Journal of Politics Editor Search
The Southern Political Science Association announces a search committee has been appointed to select a new Editor for the Journal of Politics. The incoming Editor will succeed Jan Leighley and Bill Mishler, whose editorial term will end on December 31, 2014. The new Editor will serve an initial four year term, from January 1, 2015 through December 31, 2018. The Search Committee seeks nominations and applications for the Editorship. Both individual and group candidacies are equally eligible for consideration. Nominations and applications for the Editorship of the Journal of Politics should be sent to the chair of the search committee, Carol S. Weissert, or mailed to Department of Political Science, 531 Bellamy Building, Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL 32306. Draft proposals are due Aug. 1, 2013. You may download the full call here (PDF). Founded in 1938, the Journal of Politics is published by Cambridge University Press for the Southern Political Science Association.

More calls for papers and participation...

Region News

Annual Business Meetings: 
Please see the Schedule of Business Meetings and Receptions (PDF) to locate the times and locations for Region annual business meetings at the ISA Annual Convention.

Conference Report: The ISA-West Annual Conference “Climate Change and Human Security,” was held in Pasadena, California. Over two days, 126 people participated on 23 panels and 9 roundtables. Highlights included the luncheon talk on climate change by Josh Busby (UT-Austin), a documentary on climate change by Miroslav Nincic (UC-Davis), and a talk on globalization and the wine industry by Mike Veseth (University of Puget Sound), accompanied by a wine tasting at a local wine bar. The conference featured four roundtables related to professional development, two of which were supported by a Professional Development Committee grant: “Navigating the Mentor-Mentee Relationship,” “Navigating Departmental and Campus Politics,” “Walking the Walk: Human Rights Activists in the Field,” and “Teaching Insights by Award-Winning Teachers.” We look forward to seeing everyone again in Pasadena in September 2013!

Please see the more detailed announcement above under the heading Awards, Fellowships & Grants

More Region news...


Section & Caucus News

Annual Business Meetings: 
Please see the Schedule of Business Meetings and Receptions (PDF) to locate the times and locations for Caucus and Section annual business meetings at the ISA Annual Convention. 

Comparative Interdisciplinary Studies Section (CISS)
CISS announces that hotel room reservations are now being accepted for the CISS/UNU-CRIS Joint Conference by the Grand Hotel Casselbergh in Bruges. The hotel reservation form may be downloaded here. Room reservations should be received no later than April 18, 2013. The Bruges conference promises to be a historic and exciting event that will continue the interdisciplinary dialogue that has been in process over the past decade.

Diplomatic Studies Section (DPLST)
With only weeks to go before the San Francisco conference, I wanted to send you a quick update with a couple of pieces of good news. First, two of our colleagues have graciously volunteered to serve as programme coordinator for the next year: Marios Efthymiopoulos (Strategy International) and Jason Rancatore (American University). Marios and Jason are keen to take on the task jointly and will be ready to take over from Halvard Leira in April (subject of course to the approval of the section membership who attend the annual general meeting in San Francisco). I am also very pleased to report that we now have a full complement of members for our new section Prize Committee. They are as follows:

  • Stuart Murray (Bond University)
  • Rhonda Zaharna (American University)
  • Julie Gallagher (Pennsylvania State University - Brandywine)
  • Roberto Duran (Catholic University of Chile)
  • Marios Efthymiopoulos (Strategy International)

The prize committee will be organizing a call for nominations shortly after the conference, so that the first DSS prizes can be awarded at the 2014 annual conference. Please thus do not delay: begin thinking about whom you would wish to nominate for the first ever DSS book, article, and young scholar prizes! I shall be back to you all again before the conference with a reminder of important conference dates and locations.
-Geoffrey Pigman, Chair

Ethnicity, Nationalism, & Migration Studies (ENMISA)
We are currently conducting an officer election for our Executive Committee. ENMISA members should have received an election ballot sent by e-mail on March 4th. The deadline for returning completed ballots is March 20th. The results will be tallied and announced at the 2013 ENMISA Business Meeting at the ISA Annual Convention in San Francisco. 

Foreign Policy Analysis Section (FPA)
FPA is looking forward to the ISA Annual Convention, April 3-6, 2013, in San Francisco. VP/Program Chair Steve Saideman has worked hard to assemble the FPA contributions to the program, which include 94 Panels and Roundtables that we either sponsor or co-sponsor, and a poster session in conjunction with our reception. The Section is also involved—thanks to the leadership of Jim Scott and Klaus Brummer—with an innovative panel (“Why Theories of International Relations Need Theories of Foreign Policy”). Our annual business meeting will be held Friday April 5 at 12:30pm in “Imperial B” at the Hilton. Among other items of business at our meeting will be elections for next year’s Executive Council. Steve Saideman will become Section President; we will elect a Vice President/Program Chair for the 2014 convention in Toronto, and three at-large members.

Global Development Section (GDS)
The Section leaders recently sent the latest newsletter to our members. From 2012 onwards our newsletter will become bi-annual, one issue being published immediately after the annual ISA conference, and the other, a couple of months before the next conference. Additionally, an email discussion group has now been set up in order to facilitate communication of events and initiatives in the time between ISA conferences. Please see the Section website for more information on how to join the discussion group. 

International Communication Section (ICOMM)
We look forward to the ISA Annual Convention in San Francisco. Our program Chair, Cristina Archetti, prepared a terrific list of panels and round tables, we encourage you to include them in your schedule. Please also join us at the Business Meeting & Reception: It will start at 7:30 pm on Thursday, April 4th; the location is Imperial B, Hilton Union Square. As in years before, we will have a no-host dinner, a great opportunity to reconnect with friends, brainstorm ideas and enjoy the beautiful San Francisco. Email me (, if you would like to join us.

The winner of the 2013 ICOMM Best Paper Award is Will Youmans for his paper, "Reverse Engineering a Strategic Communication Campaign via Textual Analysis: The Domestic Foreign Policy of the CIA's Recruitment Efforts in Arab Detroit," which was delivered at the 2012, San Diego convention. The Best Paper Award will be presented at the section business meeting. 

With this opportunity, allow me to thank all of you for your contributions to our panels in the years past and the upcoming Convention. We look forward to hear from you: If you are not already a member, please do subscribe to our listserv to get updated on all Section related news and events. For subscription, you can directly email Ken Rogerson (, who is the manager of the listserv.
-Selcan Kaynak, Chair

International Security Studies Section (ISSSS)
I am looking forward to seeing you in San Francisco for the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association, April 3-6. I want to remind you of a few ISSS events that I hope you will put on your schedule.

  • The ISSS business meeting will be 12:30-1:30 p.m. Friday, April 5. I will debrief you on the year’s events and we will have discussion about the coming year. I encourage wide participation in section affairs. Your involvement enhances the section’s activities tremendously. I hope you will come. The meeting will be held in Continental 5, Hilton Union Square. We’ll have some light refreshments.
  • The Distinguished Scholar Roundtable honoring Scott Sagan will be at 4:00-5:45 p.m. on Friday, April 5; and the ISSS reception will follow at 6:30-8:00 p.m. on Friday, April 5. Both of these events will also be held in Continental 5, Hilton Union Square. The reception will be terrific thanks to the incredible generosity of our sponsors. We have a wonderful menu and program planned and the first 200 drinks are on the section - first come, first served - so come early!

We are deeply grateful to our major sponsors: Routledge Books, Institute of East Asian Studies, University of California, Berkeley and Asian Survey, Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies, Monterey Institute of International Studies, International Affairs, Chatham House, as well as our generous contributing sponsors: Georgetown University Press, Keesing’s World News Archive, Lynne Rienner Publishers, War and Peace Studies at The Center for International Studies at Ohio University, Strategic Studies Quarterly and the Air University Foundation, Buffett Center for International and Comparative Studies at Northwestern University, the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society (IUS), Security Dialogue/Sage, and Ohio University Press.

These organizations have made the ISSS reception – the largest annual social gathering of security studies scholars in the world (350 people last year!) – possible. We are very grateful. Come to the reception so we can toast their generosity.

We will be honoring ISSS Distinguished Scholar Scott Sagan, as well as ISSS Best Book Award recipient, Joshua Rovner, and Outstanding Graduate Paper Award recipient, Austin Carson.

Be on the lookout for excellent graduate papers at ISA – if you find one or more, send your nomination(s) to the committee chair, Gale Mattox, Best book nominations are due June 1. If you have any questions, email committee chair Richard Lacquement, Distinguished Scholar nominees are due by April 22. Send your nominations to committee co-chairs, Deborah Avant ( and Jack Snyder (

It has been a privilege to serve as section chair these past two years! Many thanks for all of your support. Once ISA closes, Stuart Kaufman will assume the chairmanship and James Lebovic will become Vice Chair/Chair Elect of the section.

See you in San Francisco!

All best,
Patricia Weitsman, ISSS Chair

Peace Studies Section (PEACE)
We are currently conducting an officer election to fill vacancies on our Executive Committee. Section members should have received an election ballot sent by e-mail on Feb. 28th. The deadline for returning completed ballots is March 14th. The results will be tallied and announced at the Annual Business Meeting at the ISA Annual Convention in San Francisco. 

Political Demography & Geography Section (PDG)
The 2014 ISA PDG-Collegium Civitas Eurasia Conference will take place June 18-19, 2014, in Warsaw, Poland. The conference theme is Eurasia – Defining and Crossing Barriers. Please see the conference website for more information. 

Theory Section (TS)
The ISA Theory Section (TS) is holding elections for its new Executive Committee (all four posts: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary). The election is being conducted online. New officers will serve for a period of two years starting April 2013, with turnover of responsibilities taking place at (or right after) the ISA annual meeting in San Francisco. The Theory Section was founded in 2011 and currently has about 400 members. For more information about the section, please visit the TS website.

For our annual newsletter we are now finalizing a list of books authored by section members in 2012 (monograph or edited volume). We already received a number of titles; for those still wishing to send us information please do so ASAP. 

Women’s Caucus (WCIS) 
As you know, the Annual Meeting of the International Studies Association is fast approaching. On behalf of the Board of the Women’s Caucus of International Studies (WCIS), we do hope that you will be able to include WCIS in those plans. The WCIS business meeting will be held 7-8 am on Friday, April 5 in Continental 5, Hilton Union Square. We encourage your participation in the Caucus, and look forward to hearing your ideas and suggestions for reinvigorating the Women’s Caucus. 


More Section and Caucus news...

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