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Important Reminders for #ISA2019 Participants

We are looking forward to seeing you at the ISA 2019 Annual Convention in Toronto! Here's some information to help you prepare for your role(s) as a chair, discussant, or panelist.

For Chairs

If you are chairing a panel at the meeting, we ask that you email the panel participants with set time limits for paper presentations within the next week, if you have not already done so. ISA HQ recommends leaving at least 30 minutes at the end for questions and answers from the audience. At the Annual Convention, the chair's role is to briefly introduce the panel/roundtable to the audience, manage the time limits for presentation, and facilitate participation with the audience.

For Discussants

The role of the discussant is to carefully read each of the papers that he/she receives prior to the Convention and comment upon these papers in a constructive manner during the panel session. If a panelist does not submit their paper in advance, discussants are not obligated to comment on the paper at the panel session. (Please note, roundtable participants do not upload papers.)

For all Participants

We have put together a page containing important information and deadlines for the Toronto 2019 convention. There you will find information on how to upload your paper, get in touch with your panel, prepare for your presentation and much more!



Special Events in Toronto!

We've been working hard here at ISA to put on our best convention yet. As a part of that, we have a number of special events and activities taking place, in addition to our many great panels and roundtables. Check out our Sapphire Series, Presidential address, Early Career Scholar Town Hall and much more!



Special Opportunities for Early Career Scholars and Professionals at ISA 2019!

ISA’s Annual Convention offers early career scholars and professionals numerous opportunities to deepen their knowledge of International Studies, expand their networks, showcase their research and learn some tools of the trade. If you are still a student, newly graduated or just a few months or years into your professional career, here are a few of the events that you will not want to miss at ISA’s 2019 Annual Convention. Search our online program to find the location of these events, as well as other opportunities that speak to you!



2019 Award Recipients

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WCIS Call for Nominations to the Executive Council

The Women’s Caucus (WCIS) invites nominations (and self-nominations) for FIVE open positions on the WCIS Executive Council. The deadline for receiving nominations is February 1, 2019. Serving on the executive council is a wonderful opportunity to become involved with the Caucus, as well as ISA as a whole.




On Thursday, 25 April 2019 at 3:00pm, the ISA and the United Nations will sponsor an open forum on the topic “South-South cooperation and the UN...


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