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ISA 2020 Preliminary Program Announcement

The International Studies Association is pleased to announce our preliminary program for the ISA 2020 Annual Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii, from March 25-28, 2020. Please note: program notifications will be going out over the course of the day - thank you for your patience!

Registration for the convention is also open. Don't forget to complete your registration by October 23, 2019 to confirm your participation in the program. We look forward to seeing you in Honolulu!



ISA Nominating Committee Report 2020

After careful review of the nominees and deliberations, the ISA Nominating Committee agreed on a single slate of candidates for ISA Officers. The committee was pleased to have strong candidates for each position and with the final slate of candidates. If elected, they will serve ISA well in their capacities as officers and representatives of the association.



We Look Forward to Seeing you in Memphis!

ISA-South Annual Meeting 2019

We are so glad to welcome you to the 2019 ISA-South conference in Memphis, Friday-Saturday, October 4-5. Please note the conference hotel, Holiday Inn, is located downtown but the conference will be held at Rhodes College.

Before the Conference

Please check the program on the website. We have had to make some changes and rearrange presenters and chairs/discussants because participants dropped out. We also encourage you to contact your fellow panelists and email them a copy of the paper directly. To check the program and contact your panel, click on the panel details in your schedule (or in the online program). There, you will see an “Email Participants” option that will create a comma-separated list of the email addresses of participants on your panel (Please note, in order to access your fellow panelists’ email addresses, you will need to login to your ISA account).

At the Memphis Airport

The Memphis airport maintains a variety of car rental companies, should you decide to use this option. Note the Holiday Inn hotel has a parking garage; please contact them directly for prices. Alternatively, you may use a taxi, Lyft or Uber. In addition, the hotel maintains a shuttle to/from the airport. Once you arrive, please contact the hotel directly at 1-901-525-5491 and ask for the shuttle to pick you up. The hotel website states it costs $15 although the front desk said it’s complimentary. The shuttle is also available and complimentary for distances within five miles from the hotel.

Civil Rights Museum

As noted on the program, we have arranged for a brief tour of the National Civil Rights Museum on Friday afternoon, October 4. Nikos will meet attendees at 12:30pm at the hotel and walk with you to the Museum. The tour will take place at 1pm.

Transportation to /from Rhodes College

The site is relatively far from the hotel, and bus transportation has been arranged to take everyone from the hotel to the conference site and back. Feel free to consult the times here.  Note it will be a 56-person bus on Friday and a 38-person bus on Saturday from Crown Coach. Those arriving by bus will be dropped off at Phillips Lane gate (first one when you turn on University Street from N. Parkway). There will be a student waiting for you at the pre-specified time to show you where to go. You will also pick up the bus at the same location to go back to the hotel. Please consult the attached campus map.
For those wishing to drive or take a cab or uber, the address is 2000 N. Parkway across the street from the Zoo. We like to keep it wild here! Ask to be dropped off at Phillips Lane gate on University Street. It will be staffed until 9pm on Friday and from 7am-8pm on Saturday. Tell the staff at the gate you are with ISA-South and ask for a visitor note (they write tickets here). You will be parking along Phillips Lane at the upper circle where it says visitor parking. If full, anywhere along Phillips Lane is fine. Alternatively, parking is free on University past Phillips Lane gate, along the street.

Once at Rhodes

Please note the campus is gated so you need to enter through one of the gates on University Street. There will be signs, showing where Buckman Hall is – this is where all our panels will be held. Registration is at the front lobby of Buckman Hall. The campus map is attached and on the ISA-South web page at  
You will register at the lobby of Buckman Hall (and as many as possible from 12-3pm at the hotel on Friday). All panels will take place at Buckman in classrooms that are equipped with computers and access to internet. Just bring thumb drives to upload your presentations, if any. Rhodes College maintains wireless service available to College guests. Please log onto “Guest Wireless,” from the wireless connection options, accept the terms, and the device should connect. No password is needed. If you are on campus for longer than 4 hours, the system will ask you to re-accept the terms.
For interested attendees, Nikos have arranged for two tours of the campus, one on Friday afternoon and the other on Saturday morning (please consult the program here. It is a pretty campus, supposedly the prettiest in the country, with gorgeous Collegiate Gothic-style buildings.  The problem with such pretty buildings is they all look almost alike and it can be confusing if you decide to stray and be adventurous. But it’s a small campus so I have faith you will find your way back!
The reception on Friday is in Spence Wilson Room at Briggs Hall. Please consult the attached campus map. There will be students at the Buckman lobby happy to show you to Briggs.
The luncheon will be held in Hyde Hall at the Refectory (affectionately known as the Rat). Please consult the campus map. It is not far from Buckman but there is a turn. For those with no sense of direction, students will be happy to help you.

Around the Hotel

The Holiday Inn is located in downtown Memphis across the street from the Peabody Hotel and its famous duck march. Within walking distance, you may enjoy many amenities and attractions including the Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, the Blues Hall of Fame (, the National Civil Rights Museum (,the Rendezvous barbeque restaurant (around the corner from the hotel), Beale Street – a strip of bars, clubs with live blues music, restaurants and other shops which is closed to traffic in the evening – and many more.
We wish you safe travels and look forward to welcoming you to Memphis. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions at
Nikos Zahariadis and Adam Van Liere,
Program Co-Chairs



ISA Ifrane 2020 - Now Accepting Submissions

Africa and the Middle East and North Africa: Understanding Paradoxical Outcomes of Contemporary Transformations

L’Afrique, le Moyen-Orient et l’Afrique du Nord : les paradoxes des transformations contemporaines

إفريقيا والشرق الأوسط وشمال إفريقيا: فهم الحصيلة المتناقضة للتحولات الراهنة

ISA International Conference 2020

June 23rd - June 25th
Al Akhawayn University
Driss Maghraoui & Imad Mansour, Program Chairs
Proposal deadline: December 9, 2019
La date limite de soumission des communications et des panels est le 9 décembre 2019
آخر أجل لتقديم الورقات وحلقات النقاش هو 9 ديسمبر / كانون الأول 2019

ISA is pleased to announce our Call for Proposals for the ISA 2020 Joint International Conference with Al Akhawayn University in Ifrane, Morocco! ISA Ifrane 2020 seeks paper, panel and roundtable submissions related to all areas of international studies and world politics. We're looking forward to our next joint international meeting in beautiful Ifrane and hope to see you there!

Submit Your Proposal



ISA South 2019 Final Hotel Reminder

This is a reminder that there are still rooms available at the Holiday Inn Downtown Memphis during the ISA-South conference, October 4-5, 2019.

Please note the deadline to secure the conference price is tomorrow, September 12. If you have not done so, please reserve your room now. Not only will the price go up later but ISA-South will also need to absorb the cost of a number of unsold rooms per its contract.

When reserving, please let them know you are with ISA.



PEACE-PHS Joint Conference 2019 Revised Conference Program

On behalf of the Peace Studies Section of the International Studies Association, the Peace History Society and the School of Peace and Conflict Studies at Kent State University, we are pleased to announce the release of the revised program for the upcoming conference, "Commemorating Violent Conflicts and Building Sustainable Peace" at Kent State, October 24-26, 2019.



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