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New International Studies Perspectives “Twitter Takeover” Initiative

International Studies Perspectives is pleased to announce a new initiative for the use of our Twitter platform to elevate black, minority, and under-represented voices in our discipline. Beginning in August 2020, we will delegate our Twitter handle once a month to a scholar from an under-represented group to share research, spotlight the work of others, and share insights on and raise awareness of antiracism, diversity, fairness, and inclusiveness in international studies. If you are interested in participating in this initiative, email us at



ISA-West 2020: Call for Proposals

ISA-West invites proposals for its annual meeting to be held online September 24-27, 2020. The conference theme—Chains of Transmission: Understanding the Past and Defining the Future of International Studies—invites papers, panels, and round tables that reflect on the sources of our current political, economic, social, ecological and health crises as well as the sources of our cognitive frameworks for understanding the world. The theme also invites submissions that address the need to anticipate and to generate changes in the international system that emanate from our experience with the COVID-19 pandemic and our societal reaction to racial injustice.



ISA-Northeast 2020 Announcement

The ISA-NE invites roundtable, panel and paper proposals for this event on any topic substantively connected to world politics. Topics might draw upon and discuss international relations theory, international law and organizations, foreign policy, human rights, conflict resolution, military and strategic studies, environmental studies, feminist and queer theory, international political economy, international and global history, science and technology studies, aesthetic theory, the philosophy of social science, colonial and postcolonial theories, international political sociology, critical race theory, and others. ISA-NE explicitly embraces and encourages research from a full range of approaches to international studies include those using critical, normative, post-structural and post-humanist lenses.



ISA Statement Condemning Racism

The ISA acknowledges the continued existence of racism across the globe and condemns racism in all its forms. As a global academic association, ISA seeks to promote scholarly inquiry into the sources and consequences of racism and other forms of discrimination in all parts of the world. The ISA encourages studies of social and political action necessary to expose and combat the persistent social, economic and political inequalities around the globe. The ISA maintains a strong commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion for all marginalized and underrepresented groups.

With members in more than 120 countries representing diverse approaches to the study of global phenomena, the ISA has supported research ( and conferences ( in which racism and its ramifications have been systematically explored. More scholarship needs to turn to address these critical issues. The ISA leadership commits to fostering such research and improving the representation and experience of underrepresented groups in our profession and our association. It will continue to invest in programs, policies, and practices that strive to create a culture of inclusion in our research, conferences, and workplaces.



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