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Call for Nominations - FTGS Book Prize

About the Award

FTGS annually awards a book prize in the International Relations sub-field of Feminist Theory and Gender Studies. The award recognizes a book published in the preceding two calendar years that excels in originality, impact, and rigor towards furthering feminist theory and gender studies within the discipline of international relations.

Apply for the FTGS Book Prize

Please send your nominations, with details of the publication and a 300-500 word justification, to the chair of the committee Annika Bergman Rosamond ( no later than July 3rd, 2020. Upon receipt of the nomination materials, you will receive further instruction on sending the books to this year’s committee: Annika Bergman Rosamond (chair), Catherine Goetze, Itziar Mujika Chao and Amya Agarwal



Submissions Deadline Approaching - ISA 2021 Annual Convention in Las Vegas

Our submission deadline for ISA's 2021 Convention in Las Vegas is quickly approaching! We hope you'll take a moment to review the call and submit a proposal.
If you have any trouble accessing your account or with the submission form, we're here to help! Feel free to contact ISA Headquarters and we'd be glad to do everything we can. We hope to see you in Las Vegas!



ISA-Midwest St. Louis 2020 Update

With much input from our members and colleagues, we have made the decision to host ISA Midwest online this year. We are still investigating online formats, and the conference plan is still taking shape. I will be in touch about programming information, including time slots and panels, once the submission window has closed. The conference will be held in US Central Time. We are currently accepting proposals for papers, panels, and now posters! The deadline for submissions remains July 24, 2020. Submit your work here:



ISA-South 2020 Conference Postponed

We regretfully inform you that the Atlanta 2020 ISA-South meeting will NOT be held this year. It was a very difficult decision that we had to make. After thorough consultation with the Executive Council, the Pedagogy conference which was co-hosting the meeting, other organizations holding meetings at around the same time, and colleagues from several parts of the country, we decided that for safety reasons we needed to postpone the conference until 2021. There is simply too much uncertainty about what will happen with the COVID-19 pandemic. We are also painfully aware, as you are, of the financial exigencies plaguing our institutions at this moment, including the possibility of reduced, if any, travel budgets.
For these reasons and with your safety and the best interest of ISA-South in mind, we decided it would not be prudent to hold the conference in 2020. Instead, we decided to postpone it until October 2021. So, barring the unexpected and after consulting with the relevant program chairs, we plan on hosting Atlanta 2021 and St. Augustine 2022.



IS-ISSS 2020 Conference Postponed

I write with news of yet another disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic: we will not be able to proceed with our plan to hold the IS-ISSS joint international security studies conference this October at Indiana University. We had been working hard to find ways to adapt the conference to the new coronavirus environment, trying to preserve as much interaction, networking, and sharing of scholarship as possible. Many university campuses, including our host campus of Indiana University, are just now announcing their plans for on-campus activities for the fall semester. Of course, those activities are limited by the need for social distancing and the need to ensure that everyone on campus has personal protective equipment that will keep them safe and will comply with the rules required by the university and the government. As we now can see, even if our conference clears key logistical hurdles — even if travel is back to “normal" in the fall, even if universities are willing to reimburse faculty travel to attend conferences, even if faculty are looking forward to reuniting for our excellent discussions of international security while acknowledging the risks and unknowns of the coronavirus, etc. — we will not be able to have anything like a “normal” interaction, especially with its community-building aspects, in October.



ISA-Midwest St. Louis 2020 Announcement

The ISA-Midwest Board has been in conversation about the best path forward for our region; we listened to your feedback and reached out to past leadership of the region as well. After careful consideration, our conclusion is that we will hold the 2020 ISA-Midwest on a virtual platform.

We are aware that there are, and will be, significant health concerns, as well as financial constraints on travel. This is a much difficult decision -and, a disappointment for many of us; nonetheless, it is a prudent and socially responsible decision at this time. As difficult as this decision is, it gives us a clear direction in planning the event -and, a peace of mind as we all schedule the fall.

Our program chair Dr. Leah Windsor, and the Board, will make every effort to make the 2020 ISA-Midwest a meaningful experience. Dr. Windsor will reach out with more information as the program comes into shape. The ISA-Midwest is a successful event because of its attendees; we look forward to a joint effort and rely on our attendees in making it another successful event this November as well.

In conclusion, this is a collaborative decision that benefited from your participation in the survey, and the thoughtful insights provided by our colleagues. As the region’s president, I take ownership of this tough decision [and, hope very much that come November this will appear unnecessary]. We look forward to your proposals and to the ISA-Midwest 2020; the deadline for submission is July 24th.


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