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** ISA Statement Regarding ISA 2020 Travel (2/28/2020) **

Given evolving COVID-19 developments, ISA understands many ISA 2020 attendees want to make informed decisions about their travel. ISA is in contact wi...



** ISA Statement Regarding ISA 2020 Travel **

As you might expect, ISA HQ has been spending a great deal of time and attention monitoring the coronavirus health issues and managing its impact on ISA activities. This effort is indeed a moving target, as reports and issues change daily. But with travel arrangements set for most folks by now, the binding nature of our contracts and our conference insurance policy, we are virtually certain to hold the Hawaii convention at the end of March. Regardless, we will do our very best to keep everyone apprised of developments and our decisions moving forward.



The ISA Sapphire Series

The Sapphire Series consists of roundtables and talks designed to highlight key issues in the field of international relations. The Series brings together featured speakers, practitioners, and roundtables to discuss current world events, trends in academic research, and new challenges in teaching and learning. The Series are an excellent opportunity for Annual Convention participants to interact with several leading experts through questions and comments on various topics. 



ISA Seoul Conference Postponement

In light of recent events, we have decided to postpone the Seoul conference to a later date (to be determined). Health concerns in Asia have led to ma...



**Updated ISA Statement Regarding Coronavirus**

ISA has been monitoring recent global developments quite closely in the run-up to the Hawaii annual convention in late March. We know, for instance, that some potential attendees will be prevented from traveling to Hawaii because of restrictions related to the coronavirus. And we have also noted some other changes in governmental policies from various countries that may also impact travel.



ISA 2020 Land Acknowledgement

As we convene, we acknowledge Hawaiʻi as an indigenous space where the descendants of the original people are kānaka ʻōiwi or Native Hawaiian.

The ‘āina [ayne-ah – meaning LAND] on which we gather is located in the ahupua‘a [ahhoo-pu-ah-ah] of Waikīkī, in the moku [moh-koo] of Kona, on the mokupuni [moh-koopu-ni] of O‘ahu [oh-ah-hoo], in the pae‘āina [pie-ayne-ah] of Hawai‘i.

We recognize that her majesty Queen Lili‘uokalani [Lee-lee-ooh-oh-kah-lani] yielded the Hawaiian Kingdom and these territories under duress and protest to the United States to avoid the bloodshed of her people, who are recognized in the Kingdom’s law and today as kānaka Maoli. We further recognize that generations of indigenous Hawaiians and their knowledge systems shaped Hawai‘i in a sustainable way that allow us to enjoy her gifts today. For this, We are truly grateful.


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