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FTGS 2020 Convention Award Call

The FTGS Section is pleased to announce a call for applications for the 2020 FTGS Convention Award.

Two awards are available at the value of US$800 each. The amount of the award reflects the costs of four nights of accommodation at convention hotels, but may be used as the awardees see fit. Funds will be provided at the conference itself by a member of the FTGS Exec upon proof of registration. No receipts or expense forms will be required: the award is in the full sum, to be disposed of in the manner that best supports convention participation for the awardees.

Applications should be sent to Section Chair byMonday 13 December, 2019.



Call for Nominations to FTGS ExComm 2020

In advance of the International Studies Association annual convention in Honolulu, 25-28 March 2020, the Feminist Theory and Gender Studies section invites nominations for their Executive Committee. The deadline for nominations is 13 December 2019



ISA Seoul 2020 - Now Accepting Submissions

Switching Sides: A Growing Wave of Regional and Global Realignments

ISA International Conference 2020

July 20th - 22nd
Yonsei University
Elena McLean & Taehee Whang, Program Chairs
Proposal deadline: December 15, 2019

The Korean Political Science Association (KPSA), Korean Association of International Studies (KAIS) and the International Studies Association, are pleased to announce the 2020 Yonsei-ISA Joint International Conference hosted by Yonsei University. The joint Conference is scheduled for July 20 - 22, 2020 at Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea. The deadline to submit a proposal is December 15th, 2019. We invite papers that contribute to the following topics:

  • Formation of new military alliances and security partnerships; diverging interests within existing security organizations;
  • Shifts in economic links; modifications of economic agreements; growing regional blocs; trade wars;
  • Changing diplomatic alignments; rise and decline of formal and informal influence by great powers;
  • Reforms of existing international institutions; membership changes; emergence of new organizations; competition between existing and new organizations;
  • Causes of these realignments at different levels of analysis; implications of the realignments for regional and international relations.
We're looking forward to the joint international meeting in beautiful Seoul and hope to see you there!

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